Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  42

ON Christmas-day.

O God! who art most Excellent and Wise!
I see the Morning Beams break through the Skies;
And with great admiration view the Light
Which dissipates Nights darkness from my sight.
But with a greater wonder I look on
Those bright Illuminations, which thy Son
Hath brought to light by's Incarnation.
Look and admire I may, but can't express
Such heights and depths of Love, in Prose or Verse:
'Tis beyond th' art of Rhet'rick to display,
What Chrisians solemnize this Fstal day.
Two sacred Words, are an Epiome
Of what's effected in this Mystery,
Redemption and Salvation; heav'nly Letters!
Which freed fall'n Man from th' Bondage of his Fetters:
Lust and Ambition, Avarice and Fraud,
Was then his Master, and his Passions Lord:
Page  43Till Christ, his great Redeemer, broke the Chain,
And placed him in Paradise again.
O Love most infinite! O Love divine!
This Mystery of Love was truly thine;
For neither Men nor Angels could atone
Th'Almighty's Wrath, but God and Man in one:
Wherefore Divinity submits to be
Lodg'd in a Vessel of Humanity.
How ioyfully he heav'nly Host above,
Proclaim to Man, glad tydings of thy Love?
And shall Mankind so much ungrateful be,
Or rather sink into stupidity,
As not with equal Ioy this Message hear,
And all due Rev'rence to their Saviour bear?
And finally, Let's end these Festal days,
With sweet Doxologies, and Songs of Praise.