Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  40

To his Ingenious FRIEND, Mr. THOMAS WRIGHT, ON HIS Compendious HISTORIES OF Murther, Adultery, Friendship and Chastity. Some of the former being Epitomiz'd from Mr. Reynold's Murthers.

MAny, 'tis true, knew of this Golden Mine,
But all their Skill cou'd not the Ore Refine:
Th' inimitable REYNOLD's very Name,
Startled at first our greatest Men of Fame;
Each one by fear, from that great task was hurl'd,
And tho'lanch'd out their Sails, were quickly furl'd.
Wanting thy courage, they cou'd never soar
To this high pitch, which none e'er reach'd beor.
Page  41The Vulgar paths thou shun'st, soaring sublime,
Till with quaint Eloquence thou fraught'st each line.
None yet so sweetly charm'd with Sence the times,
So gently, and so well rebuk'd such crimes,
As you, my Friend, have done; for you present
Vice so deform'd, the Wicked will repent;
And by Examples of the chast and kind,
Fix bright Embellishments upon the Mind,
Such as may make us to improve, and be
Like patterns of Heroick Piety.
Thy Wit and Skill may former Artists blame,
And Reynold's Murthers now we must not name.
As sable Darkness, which attends the Night,
To the Days Sun-beams is its opposite:
So Vice from Vertue, Wrong from Right's the same;
Then how canst thou write wrong, when WRIGHT's thy Name?