Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.

To the Admir'd AUTHOR, Mr. THOMAS WRIGHT, ON HIS Incomparable HISTORIES, ENTITULED, God's Revenge against Murther and Adultery, with the Triumphs of Friendship and Chastity. Newly published in a small Vol. 80.

SInce the too bold aspiring Angel fell
(By his Ambition and his Pride) to Hell;
And since Rebellious Man lost Paradise,
The World is fill'd with various sorts of Vice;
Murther and Lust, twin Tyrants, long have reign'd,
And a vast Empire through the World maintain'd.
Page  39The Sword of Iustice could not stop their rage,
They've boldly tyranniz'd in ev'ry Age;
Nor cou'd Divines their furious heat asswage.
Yet doubtless, Friend, th' Examples you have giv'n,
May give them prospect of revenging Heav'n.
Your Pen with Eloquence divine inspir'd,
Will cool the Souls with Lust and Murther fir'd.
Tame all the Passions, regulate the Will,
And stop that Rage which guiltless blood wou'd spill.
Such charming Oratory it doth give,
As teacheth us by others Death to live;
And from a Life of Chastity and Love,
A great Advantage to our selves improve.
To tell thy Fame, I want great Spencer's Skill,
The gentle charming pow'r of Cowley's Quill:
All Men of Sence will praise thy matchless Prose,
For sharpest Briar bears the sweetest Rose.