Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  35

To the Incomparable AUTHOR, Mrs. IANE BARKER, On her Excellent ROMANCE of SCIPINA.

FAir Female Conquerour, we all submit
To the joynt force of Beauty, and of Wit:
And thus like vanquish'd Slaves in Triumph led,
Lawrels and Crowns before the Victor spread.
What stupid Enemy to Wit and Sence,
Dares to dispute your Sexes Excellence?
That Sex which doth in you Triumphant come,
To praise with Wit of Greece the Arms of Rome;
Secur'd by solid Sence, you soar sublime
Above the little flutt'ring flights of Rhime.
Antient Philosophy, embrac'd by few,
Smiles and looks young to be caress'd by you;
Page  36Out-rivals Love, and drives him from your Breast,
And is alone of your whole self possest:
No Word of yours the nicest can reprove,
To show a more than modest sense of Love:
But something still like inspiration shines,
Through the bright Virgin Candor of your lines.
How well are all your Hero's toyls and fights,
His long laborious Days, and restless Nights,
Re-paid with Glory by your charming Pen?
How gladly wou'd he act them o'er again?
The Great Cornelian Race with wonder view,
The Asian Conquerour, thus adorn'd by you;
And th' younger Scipio willingly wou'd quit
His Titles for your more Triumphant Wit.
On then, brave Maid, secure of Fame advance,
'Gainst the Scaroons and Scudderies of France.
Shew them your claim, let nought your Merit awe,
Your Title's good spight of the Salique-Law;
Safe in the Triumphs of your Wit remain;
Our English Laws admit a Woman's Reign.