Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.

On the same.

EArly i'th' Morn I wak'd, and first my Ear
The Bell-man did salute with th' time of Year.
And next the joyfull Cock, who'd left his Nest,
Ceases not crowing Christus natus est.
The lesser Birds in sweeter Notes do sing,
And louder Sounds Echo from Bells that ring.
Amidst this joy, I upward cast my Eyes,
And saw more brighter Rays adorn the Skies;
Page  20Where e'er I look'd, a happy change I view'd,
Nature her self did seem as if renew'd:
But when surpriz'd with such a beauteous Scene,
I then resolv'd to think what this might mean;
And presently my Thoughts inlarged were,
And Christ his Incarnation did appear,
In the most great and highest Acts of Love,
Such as will Reason to amazement move:
For who can think on Man, lost and undone,
To be redeem'd from Death by God's own Son,
And not be stricken with the quickest sence
Of so much Love, and charming Excellence?
Rouse then thy Minds best faculties, and soar
Up to a pitch, thou never reach't before:
Strive to come near, at least to imitate
The holy Angels, in their happy state;
Who always in a constant circle move,
Of giving praises unto God above;
And when to them the happy tydings came,
They gladly were the Heralds to proclaim
The joyfull news to us; then shall not Man
Sing the same Anthem they on Earth began?
Page  21Give praises therefore unto God most high,
And joyn thy Soul to the bless'd Hierarchy.
When thus Seraphick-Love thy thoughts employ,
Thou shalt anticipate that Heav'nly Ioy.