Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
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A Paraphrase on an Hymn, Sung when the Corps is at the Grave. By T. S. Fellow of Maudlin Colledge, Oxon.
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Advice to his Friends, lamenting the Death of I. F. By the same Hand.
p. 3
pitaph on Mrs. E. F. who sickned of the Small Pox, and deceased Decemb. 31. 1686. being the Day before her intended Nuptials.
p. 5
An Epitaph to the Memory of Sir Palme Fairborn, Governour of Tangier, &c.
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Page  [unnumbered]An Elegy on the Death of N. D. Doctor of Physick.
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Upon Heaven.
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On the Martyrdom of King Charles the First.
p. 1
Upon one's Birth-day.
p. 1
Upon Christ's Nativity.
p. 1
On the same.
p. 1
More on the same Subject.
p. 21.
On New-years-day.
p. 23
Eyes and Tears.
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To Mrs. Iane Barker on her Romance of Scipin By I. N. Fellow of St. Iohn's Colledge, Cambridge
p. 2
To Mrs. Iane Barker on her Resolution of Versifyin no more. By the same Author.
p. 3
To Mrs. Iane Barker on her Incomparable Romanc of Scipina. By a Gent. of St. Iohn's Col. Camb.
p. 3
On the Posthume and Precious Poems of Sir Mathew Hale. By a Gentleman of Lincolns-Inn.
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To Mr. Tho. Wright, on his Compendious Histories entituled, God's Revenge against Murther an Adultery, with The Triumphs of Friendshi and Chastity. By I. Whitehall.
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On the same: By another Hand.
p. 4
On Christmas-day.
p. 4
On Death.
p. 4
On the Divine Spirit.
p. 4
To the Memory of the Illustrious Prince George, Du•• of Buckingham.
p. 4
Upon the Death of Oliver Cromwell, in Answer 〈◊〉 Mr. W—'s Verses: By Mr. Godolphin.
p. 5
On the last Dutch War: By Mr. B. Willie, somti•• Mr. of the Free-School of Newark upon Trent.
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Page  [unnumbered]The last Sayings of a Mouse, lately starved in a Cup∣board.
p. 59
To the Secretary of the Muses: A New-years-gift
p. 62.
An Epitaph on the Secretary to the Muses.
p. 65
A Satyr, in Answer to the Satyr against Man: By T. L. of Wadham-Colledge, Oxon.
p. 67
A Congratulatory Poem to his most Sacred Majesty, Iames the second, &c. on his late Victories o'er the Rebels in the West.
p. 83
On the same.
p. 85
A Panegyrick on his Present Majesty Iames the Se∣cond, &c.
p. 86
A Congratulatory Poem to his Majesty Iames the Se∣cond, on his Succession to the Crown.
p. 91
On the Presentation of a Bird to his Mistriss.
p. 94.
Advice to silly Maids: By an Unknown Author.
p. 95
Farther Advice to Young Ladies.
p. 98
Advice to a Town-Miss: By Mr. Worsdell.
p. 100
The Preerence of a Single Life before Marriage: Written at the Request of a Lady.
p. 102
Upon Clarinda's putting on her Vizard-Mask.
p. 103
The Middle Sister, ascribed to Clarinda.
p. 105
An Elougy on Mrs. M. . By a Gent. of the Inner-Temple
p. 106
A Love-Poem: By an Oxford Gentleman
p. 109
Another Love-Poem: By the same Author
p. 112
The Lovr's Will
p. 114
A Love Letter: By W. S. M. D.
p. 116
A Speech to his Mistriss in a Garden
p. 118
An Address to a Gentlewoman walking in a Garden: By an Oxford Gentleman
p. 119
Page  [unnumbered]Upon a Gentlewomans Refusal of a Letter from one she was engaged to: By Sir C. S.
p. 122
In Praise of a Deformed, but Virtuous Lady: or a Satyr on Beauty
p. 125
A Love-Letter: By W. S. Gent.
p. 129
In Praise of Letters
p. 131
The Idea: By Charles Cotton, Esq
p. 133
Love's Sympathy
p. 134
A Pindarique Ode on Mr. Cowley
p. 136
An Ode: By Mr. R. D. of Cambridge
p. 137
An Ode of Anacreon Paraphras'd: Beauties Force
p. 138
A Pindarique Ode: By Mr. I. Whitehall
p. 140
From Ovid's Amorum, lib. 2. El. 4. and Lucre∣tius lib. 4. That he loves Women of all sorts and sizes
p. 142
The Parallel
p. 145
p. 147
The Young Lover, a Song: By Mr. Wright
p. 149
The Prodigal's Resolution, Song
p. 150
The Doubtfull Lover Resolv'd, A Song
p. 151
Song: The Cavalier's Catch
p. 153
On sight of a Ladies Face in the Water: Song
p. 154
A Song
p. 155
On the Serpentine Combustion by Squibs on my Lord Mayor's Day: An Heroick Poem
p. 156
To his much steemed Friend Mr. I. N. on his Rea∣ding the irst Line of Pindar,〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, &c. by Mr. Whitehall
p. 159
A Dialogue between Iack and Dick, concerning the Prohibition of French Wines
p. 161
Page  [unnumbered]The 12 following Copies done by the Publisher.
To Clarinda on her Incomparable Painting and Wax-work
p. 172
A Young Man to an Old Woman, courting him
p. 174
To Clarinda, a Song
p. 177
On his Secret Passion for Cosmelia
p. 179
To Clarinda on his Deserting her, and loving Cos∣melia
p. 185
To Cosmelia on her Departure into the Country
p. 187
On a Rose sicking on a Ladies Breast
p. 188
On the most Charming Galecia's Picture
p. 190
The Young Lover's Adocate: being an Answer to a Copy of Verses: Written by Galaecia to her Young Lover on his Vow
p. 192
To my Ingenious Friend Mrs. Iane Barker on my Pub∣lishing her Romance of Scipina.
p. 194
A Batchellor's Life, in pursuit of Mrs. Barkers Ver∣ses in Praise of a Single Life
p. 196
The Exchange of Hearts. A Song
p. 199.
Upon a Flock of Gold-finches
p. 200
An Answer of the Poet to one, complaining of their Negligence, in not Writing the Duke of Bucking∣ham's Elegy
p. 204
These 13 following Copies done by Mr. Hovenden Walker, sometime of Trinity-Colledge in Dublin.
Psalm 139. Paraphras'd from Verse 7. to Verse 13.
p. 207
A Pastoral, in imitation of Virgil's 2d Eclogue
p. 210
The fourth Elegy of Cornelius Gallus of the Miseries of Old Age. Made English
p. 219
To my Mistriss: Translated out of Tibullus
p. 226
Page  [unnumbered]The Agreement
p. 228
p. 231
The Innocent Discov'ry
p. 234
The Petition. A Song
p. 234
Fate. A Song
p. 235
My Religion
p. 237
The Kiss
p. 239
The Wrack. A Song
p. 241
To Mr. P. Berault upon his French Grammar
p. 242
p. 245
The same Song Inverted, by Mr. VValker
p. 246
The Five following Copies done by Mr. C. G. of AEton-Colledge.
A Paraphrase on part of the 23d Idyll. of Theocri∣tus
p. 247
Chorus 1. Of Seneca's Agamemnon
p. 255
The Penitent
p. 259
To Duserastes
p. 262
The Vow
p. 263
The Six following POEMS by Mr. T. B. of Cambridge
An Elegy on King Charles the Second
p. 265
A Dithyrambique, made just before the King and Queen went to their Coronation
p. 269
To their Graces, the Duke and Dutchess of Albemarle, upon their Voyage for Iamaica
p. 280
Ovid. Amor. lib. 2. Eleg. 15. A Ring presented to his Mistriss
p. 283
To Afer. Martial. Epig. 31. lib. 4. Made English
p. 285
An Excuse for not Rhiming in the Time of the Re∣bellion
p. 286