Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
Page  44

In Commendation of the Female Sex. Out of SCIPINA.

AH Beauteous Sex, to you we're bound to give
Our thanks for all the Blessings we receive;
Ev'n that we're Men, the chief of all our boast
Were without you, but a vast blessing lost.
In vain would Man his mighty Patent show,
That Reason makes him Lord of all below;
If Woman did not moderate his rule,
He'd be a Tyrant, or a softly fool.
For e'er Love's documents inform his Breast,
He's but a thoughtless kind of Houshold Beast.
Houses, alas, there no such thing wou'd be,
He'd live beneath the umbrage of a Tre:
Or else usurp some free-born Native's Cave;
And so inhabit, whilst alive, a Grave:
Or o'er the World this Lordly Brute wou'd rove,
Were he not taught and civiliz'd by Love.
'Tis Love and Beauty regulate our Souls,
No rules so certain as in Venus Schools:
Page  45Your Beauty teacheth whatsoe'er is good,
Else good from bad had scarce been understood.
What's eligible by your smiles we know,
And by your frowns refuse what is not so.
Thus the rough draught of Man you have refin'd,
And polish'd all the Passions of his mind.
His Cares you lessen, and his Ioys augment;
To both extreams set the just bounds Content.
In fine, 'tis you to Life its relish give,
Or 'twere insipid, not worth while to live:
Nay more, we're taught Religion too by you:
For who can think that such Perfections grew
By chance? no, 'twas the divine Pow'rs which thus
Chose to exhibit their bright selves to us:
And for an Antepast of future bliss,
Sent you their Images from Paradise.