Poetical recreations consisting of original poems, songs, odes, &c. with several new translations : in two parts
Barker, Jane.
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AN Invitation to my Friends at Cambridge.
Page 1
To Mr. Hill, on his Verses to the Dutchess of York, when she was at Cambridge.
p. 4
To my Cousin Mr. E. F. on his Excellent Painting.
p. 6
To my Reverend Friend Mr. H—on his Present∣ing me The Reasonableness of Christianity, and The History of King Charles the First, &c.
p. 8
Page  [unnumbered]To Mr. G. P. my Adopted Brother, on the nigh ap∣proach of his Nuptials.
p. 11
A Virgin Life.
p. 12
To my Friend Exillus, on his persuading me to Marry Old Damon.
p. 14
To Dr. R. S. my Indifferent Lover, who complain'd of my Indifferency.
p. 16
On the Death of my Dear Friend and Play-fellow, Mrs. E. D.
p. 18
The Prospect of a Landskip, beginning with a Grove, proceeding to a Rivulet, and ending with a Hill.
p. 20
To Sir F. W. presenting him Cowley's first Works.
p. 28
To Ovid's Heroines in his Epistles.
To my Honourablle Unkle Colonel C—after his Re∣turn into the Low-Countries.
p. 29
On the Apothecary's Filing my Bills amongst the Doctor's.
p. 31
To my unkind Strephon.
p. 34
To my Friend S. L. on his receiving the Name of Little Tom King.
p. 37
Necessity of Fate.
p. 38
A Letter to my Honoured Friend Mr. E. S.
p. 40
On my Mother and my Lady W. who both lay sick at the same time under the Hands of Dr. Paman.
p. 42
In Commendation of the Female Sex.
p. 44
To my Brother whilst he was in France.
p. 46
On the Death of my Brother.
p. 47
On the same: A Pindarique Ode.
p. 51
Part of the 19th Psalm.
p. 56
Coming from—in a Dark Night.
p. 58
Page  [unnumbered]To my Dear Cousin Mrs. M. T. after the Death of her Husband and Son.
p. 59
To my Young Lover.
p. 61
To my Young Lover on his Vow.
p. 62
To my Young Lover: A Song.
p. 64
To my unkind Friend Little Tom King.
p. 65
A 2d Epistle to my Honoured Friend Mr. E. S.
p. 70
A Pastoral Dialogue betwixt Two Shepherd-Boys.
p. 7
To Mr. C. B. on his Incomparable Singing.
p. 76
The Complaint.
p. 78
A Song.
p. 79
The Unruly Heart: Song.
p. 81
p. 82
p. 83
A Bacchanalian Song.
p. 84
An Ode.
p. 86
Absence for a Time.
p. 87
Parting with—
p. 89
The Anchorite.
p. 91
Iane, Nan, and Frank, their Farewell to Captain C. going to Sea.
p. 92
To her Lover's Complaint: A Song.
p. 94
To my Adopted Brother Mr. G. P. on my frequent Writing to him.
p. 95
To my Friends against Poetry.
p. 96
To the Importunate Address of Poetry.
p. 97
A Farewell to Poetry, with a long Digression on Ana∣tomy.
p. 99
On the Death of my Brother, a Sonnet.
p. 107
Resolved never to Versifie more.
p. 108