Two treatises of Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs. The first of earthly-mindedness, wherein is shewed, 1. What earthly-mindedness is. ... 6. Directions how to get our hearts free from earthly-mindedness. The second treatise. Of conversing in heaven, and walking with God. Wherein is shewed, 1. How the Saints have their conversation in heaven. ... 9. Rules for our walking with God. The fourth volumn [sic] published by Thomas Goodwyn. William Greenhil. Sydrach Simpson. Philip Nye. William Bridge. John Yates. William Adderley.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.
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AN EXACT ALPHABETICAL TABLE Of all the chief Matters handled in the Fourth VOLUMN.

  • ADultery, see Earth∣ly-mindedness
  • Accompt
    The Saints are care∣full to make even their ac∣compts with God Page 313
  • Aim
    The aim of the Saints is heaven-ward 107
  • Angel
    The Saints have the same con∣firmation of their happiness as the Angels have Page 104
  • Apostacie
    What the root of apostacie is. 40
  • Astray
    By Nature men go astray from the waies of God 268
  • Benefit
    What the benefit of grace is 36 See Conscience
  • Beleeving
    Page  [unnumbered]By beleeving men take up their freedom of Heaven Page 103
  • Blessing, see Jacob
  • Care
    • Whence distracted cares arise 9
    • What our care should be 78
  • Calling
    How godly men are busy in their callings 16
  • Calling, see Wicked
  • Citizen
    • The Saints are Citizens of hea¦ven, and how 100
    • We should walk as becomes Citi∣zens of Heaven 105
    • See Priviledg
  • Communion
    • What the word Communion signifies 109
    • Communion with God what it is 110
  • Communion see Saints
  • Content see Little
  • Conversation
    • Heavenly Conversations are to be followed 92
    • How far heavenly Conversati∣ons are to be followed 93
    • How the Saints Conversation is in Heaven 106
    • Reasons why the Saints Conver∣sations are in Heaven 227
    • Heavenly Conversation is a convincing Conversation 240
    • Heavenly Conversation is at∣tainable Page 251
  • Conversation see Faith, Hell, Evidence, Godly, Growing, Glory, Suffering, Directi∣ons
  • Converse
    What the Converse of the Saints is 116
  • Contrariety see Examples
  • Comfort
    The Saints have comfort in lit∣tle of this world 223
  • Comfort see Losses
  • Confirmation see Angels
  • Covenant
    What the Covenant on our parts is
  • Conscience
    The benefits of a cleer consci∣ence 215
  • Covetousness see Idolatry
  • Creature
    • How the Saints deal with the Creature 310
    • All the Creatures bring glory to God 245
  • Curse
    On whom the curse of the serpent is 44
  • Danger see Example
  • Death
    What is that hinders preparati∣on for death 47
  • Page  [unnumbered]
    The Devil casts thoughts into the heart of man Page 7
  • Delight
    Wherein the delight of the Saints lieth 115
  • Delight see Sabbath
  • Depend
    For what Godly men depend upon God 277
  • Difference, see Godly, Jacob.
  • Direction
    • Directions how to get a heaven∣ly Conversation 251
    • A godly soul depends upon God for directions 277
    • Directions how to walk with God 320
  • Destruction
    Earthly mindedness brings de∣struction 50
  • Distracted see Cares
  • Doctrine see Reconciliation
  • Drossie
    How a drossie heart is known 57
  • Earth
    The Earth swallows up earthly men 13
  • Earth, look higher.
  • Earthly things
    • When men mind earthly things in a sinful manner 6
    • Earthly things carry a fair shew Page 65
    • Earthly things are many times the portion of reprobates 68
  • Earthly man
    When an Earthly man is in his element 10
  • Earthly-minded
    • A man may be Earthly-min∣ded and not know it 51
    • What shall become of earthly∣minded men 72
  • Earthlimindedness
    • What Earthly-mindedness is 5
    • Earthly-mindedness is adul∣tery 20
    • Earthly-mindedness is Idola∣try 21 See Enmity
    • Earthly-mindedness deads the heart to prayer 42
    • Earthly-mindedness is a scan∣dal to Religion 45
    • How earthly-mindedness may be known 54
    • Reasons of Earthly-minded∣ness 64
    • Earthly-mindedness brings guilt upon the spirit 18
    • The effects of earthly-minded∣ness another day 50
  • Earthly, see Heavenly, vilifie, Conversation, Element, Spirituall, Godlinesse, Temptations, Snares, Mi∣nistry, Lusts, Death, De∣struction, Page  [unnumbered] Vanity, Humility Inducements
  • Egyptians
    What Idolatrous worship the E∣gyptians had Page 21
  • End
    • What it is that causeth a blessed End 299
    • Who they are that have the same ends God hath 275
  • Enoch
    Enoch's Prophesie 262
  • Evidence
    • Evidences of mens conversati∣ons being in heaven 222
    • Evidences of walking with God 306 See Walking
    • Example
      • Examples of godly men should be followed and how far 92
      • Examples of godly men should make us enquire after the waies of godliness 94
      • Examples of godly men should confirm us in the truth 96
      • What we should do when exam∣ples of godly men are contrary 97 See Examination
      • Danger in following the exam∣ples of wicked men 100
    • Examination
      Contrary examples should put us upon examination 98
    • Esau see Jacob
    • Excellency
      • The excellency of walking with God Page 267
      • Excellency see Walking Eye
        The souls of the godly eye God 272
    • Faith
      • The heavenly conversation of o∣thers is not the rule of our faith 93
      • Faith must be exercised 259
    • Familarity
      Whence our familarity with God ariseth 293
    • Folly
      The folly of earthly-mindedness 38
    • Formality
      • Formality must not be rested on 253
      • Formality must be taken heed of 326
    • Genius
      Wicked men fancy heavenly things according to their own genius 17
    • God
      • God takes care of men, concer∣ning earthly things 78
      • Heavenly conversation brings glory to God 244 Page  [unnumbered]See Walking
      • What a man trusts to, he makes his God Page 54
    • Godly
      • Difference between wicked and godly men 3
      • Godly mens Conversations should not be earthly 238
      • Godly men carry themselves as in Gods presence 274
      Godly, see Calling
    • Godliness
      Earthly-mindedness is contrary to the work of godliness and how 26 See waies, my stery.
    • Glory
      • Heavenly Conversation brings glory to the Saints 246
      • What the glory of the soul is. 239
    • Grace
      What the work of grace is 27
    • Grace, see Benefit: presence.
    • Growing
      Heavenly Conversation is gro∣wing 240
    • Halting
      The Saints must take heed of halting 325
    • Heaven, see Saints, Pro∣fession, Conversation, Aim.
    • Heavenly
      • The Saints are Heavenly in Earthly imploymonts Page 115
      • The Saints have great skill in Heavenly matters 218
      See Genius, Conver∣sations
    • Hell
      The Conversations of wicked men are in Hell 99
    • Heart
      • The heart is best known by the thoughts 7
      • The heart of a wicked man is upon the things of the earth. 16
      • The vileness yf mens hearts dis∣covered 302
    • Heart, see drossie.
    • Higher
      God made man for higher things than the things of the earth 96
    • Hypocrites
      Hypocrites rebuked 135
    • Honor, see walking
    • Humility
      Humility takes the heart off from earthly mindedness. 86
    • Jacob
      Difference between Jacob's bles∣sing and Esau's 6
    • Idolater
      Idolaters depart from God 22
    • Page  [unnumbered]
      Covetousness is Idolatry Page 20 See Earthly-mindedness Vileness
    • Ill, see Success
    • Ignorant see Religion
    • Imployment see Heavenly
    • Inducement
      Earthty Inducements oppose godliness 98
    • Intercourse
      The Saints have much inter∣course to heaven 218
    • Joy
      What the joy of a Saint is See World 54
    • Law
      The Saints are guided by the Laws of God 110
    • Little
      The Saints are contented with little in this world. 222
    • Loss
      The Saints have comfort in all their losses 224
    • Lust
      Earthly-mindedness brings in foolish lusts and how 34
    • Man
      Wherefore God made man 69 See Nature
    • Mind
      Who they are that know the mind of God Page 94
    • Ministry
      How earthly-mindedness hin∣ders the Ministry 30
    • Mystery
      The mystery of godlinesse ought to be studied 254
    • Nature
      What man is by nature 268
    • Petitions
      What men they are that shall have their petitions granted 295
    • Pilgrim
      We are pilgrims here upon earth 76
    • Prayer see Earthly-minded∣ness
    • Preparation see Death
    • Presence
      Gods presence draws forth grace 298 See God
    • Principles see Saints
    • Priviledge
      • What the priviledges of a Citi∣zen of heaven are 106
      • How the priviledges of a Citi∣zen of Heaven are procured 107
    • Promise
      Page  [unnumbered]Wicked men do not trust to a promise Page 15
    • Protection
      The Saints have the protection of heaven 104
    • Reconciliation
      How a wicked man conceives of the Doctrine of Reconcilia∣tion 17
    • Religion
      • How Religion is scandalized 45
      • Why men are ignorant in Reli∣gion 59
    • Reprobates
      Reprobates have their portion in this life 68
    • Riches
      The Saints have right to the Richcs and common stock of heaven 103
    • Riches see Uncertainty
    • Saints
      • The Saints names are inrolled in heaven 102
      • The Saints are no longer slaves 103
      • The Saints' are guided by hea∣venly principles 108
      • The Saints have communion with God 109
      • The Saints trust God with much Page 220
      • The Saints are sensible of the stoppage between them and heaven 226
    • Sabbath
      • To whom the Sabbath is a de∣light, and to whom it is a wearinesse 16
      • The Saints keep a a perpetual Sabbath 115
    • Saints see Citizens, Riches, Angels, Perfection, Laws, Delight, Heavenly, Sab∣bath, Trading, Intercourse Little, Comfort Losses
    • Safty
      Wherein the safty of a Saint lies 292
    • Scandal, see Religion
    • Self
      What self is 25
    • Secrets
      what manner of men they are that know Gods secrets 294
    • Seriousness
      What seriousness of spirit is 309
    • Serpent, see Curse
    • Sinful, see Earthly
    • Shortness
      What the shortness of our time here should lead us to 73
    • Snare
      Earthly-mindedness brings men into snares 29
    • Soul
        Page  [unnumbered]
      • Of what value the soul of man is Page 70
      • The soul of man is from heaven 229
      • The soul of man ought to be beautified 324
    • Soul see Glory, Walk
    • Spiritual
      A wciked man is earthly in spi∣ritual things, a godly man is spiritual in earthly 11
    • Strictness
      We ought not to find fault with strictness in Gods waies 231
    • Stranger
      The world are strangers to walking with God 300
    • Success
      The reason of ill success 35
    • Suffering
      Heavenly Conversation makes suffering easie 249
    • Temptation
      Earthly-mindedness puts men upon great temptations 28
    • Thoughts
      • What the thoughts of the Saints are 111
      • Which way the thoughts of the Sainis tend 112
      See Devil, Heart
    • Trade
      • What the Saints trade for heaven is Page 213
      • The Saints have free trade to heaven 104
    • Trust, see God
    • Trusted
      Worldly things are not tobe tru∣sted too 55
    • Vanity
      All earthly things are vanity 53
    • Vilifie
      The Saints vilifie the things of the earth 222
    • Uncertainty
      The uncertainty of riches 71
    • Vileness
      The vileness of Idolatry 21
    • Vocation
      What vocation is 25
    • Waies
      The waies of godlinesse should not be opposed 95 See Strictness
    • Walk
      • How the soul is brought to walk with God 268
      • He that walks with God de∣pends not much upon reason 307
      • He that walks with God is the same in private that he is in publick
      • 308
      • Page  [unnumbered]He that walks with God walks in his Commandements Page 310
      • What it is to walk with God 267
    • Walking
      What walking with God is 272
    • Wherein walking with God consists 280
    • Several excellencies of walking with God 286
    • The honor of walking with God 288
    • Particular evidences of wal∣king with God Page 316
    See Strangers, Excellency.
  • Wearinesse, see Sabbath.
  • Wicked
    Why wicked men are busie in their callings 16 See Godly, Genius, Exam∣ple, Hell.
  • Work, see Godlinesse, Grace.
  • Worldly
    Wherein worldly joy consists 54 See Trust, Strangers.