Two treatises of Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs. The first of earthly-mindedness, wherein is shewed, 1. What earthly-mindedness is. ... 6. Directions how to get our hearts free from earthly-mindedness. The second treatise. Of conversing in heaven, and walking with God. Wherein is shewed, 1. How the Saints have their conversation in heaven. ... 9. Rules for our walking with God. The fourth volumn [sic] published by Thomas Goodwyn. William Greenhil. Sydrach Simpson. Philip Nye. William Bridge. John Yates. William Adderley.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.

The Tenth Rule, or Direction.

Let Gods presence be more to thee than all the world; account it more engagement to thy soul, that thou art with God that thou hast Gods presence with thee, than though thou hadst the eye of all the world upon thee: It would migh∣tily compose the spirits of men and women if they had an awful reverence of the presence of God, and did account it more than al the world besides, and therefore to do nothing in Gods presence but what thou wouldest do in the sight of all the world; or what thou maiest do so as thy consci∣ence may not accuse thee for sin in it. Oh look upon the presence of God as more than all the world unto thee.