Two treatises of Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs. The first of earthly-mindedness, wherein is shewed, 1. What earthly-mindedness is. ... 6. Directions how to get our hearts free from earthly-mindedness. The second treatise. Of conversing in heaven, and walking with God. Wherein is shewed, 1. How the Saints have their conversation in heaven. ... 9. Rules for our walking with God. The fourth volumn [sic] published by Thomas Goodwyn. William Greenhil. Sydrach Simpson. Philip Nye. William Bridge. John Yates. William Adderley.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.

The Second Ʋse.

THis Point likewise, rebukes Hypocrites, as wicked prophane ones that have their Conversations in hell: so there's another kind of men that are un∣sound professors, Hypocrites, and they have their Conversations between Heaven and Earth: It's not in Hea∣ven nor in Hell, nor altogether upon the Earth, but be∣tween Earth, and Heaven, and Hell. Sometimes they seem to be a loft, above; sometimes very forward and zea∣lous in the profession of Religion, sometimes much inlar∣ged in Duties, at other times again they are as base earth∣ly spirits as any, yea, somtimes, there's much of Hell in their hearts, and in their waies, they professe themselves the seed of Abraham, but they are not as the stars of heaven, but as Meteors that are between Heaven and Earth: we call them blazing stars; but they are not so bright as the stars, nor are they of such a heavenly nature as the stars, they are but made of a few unclean vapours that come out Page  236 of the earth, which being got up neer the heavens, do make a shew as if they were some star in heaven, but you find a great deal of difference between the stars and them in this, for within a little while they fall, and vanish, and come to nothing; and so it is with many hypocrites, they by the Word are raised up a little for the present, and seem to be above the stars, and they have a glittering shew as if they had somthing heavenly in them, even like the stars of heaven, they seem to be got above others: your blazing star, a child would think it a great deal bigger than one of the stars that is an hundred times bigger than that is; so 'tis with many hypocrites, they have a greater shew of Religion than many that have truth of Godliness, and that are truly gracious, they look upon them as wonde∣ring at the excellent parts that they have, excellent abili∣ties, it may be, they will discourse sometimes in an excel∣lent manner about heavenly things; you shall find some that have no soundness at all, yet will have very excellent discourse, they speak the very language of Canaan, but it is in such company where they may gain respect by it, but still are but as meteors that hang between heaven and earth: whereas the truth is, while they seem to be so high above others, and so heavenly, yet their hearts are groveling up∣on the earth: many times while they have most excellent expressions in prayer, yet God sees their hearts basely clea∣ving to some earthly thing, there is some base earthly contentment that their hearts are upon, while they seem to be so heavenly, much like to the Kite that flies on high as if it were an Eagle, but the eye of it while it is above in the air is fixed upon some carrion, upon some prey that it hath upon the earth, and as soon as ever it sees a fit oppor∣tunity to seise upon the prey, it comes down to seise upon it, and that's the place the Kite would be at, that's the place he doth most delight in, to be upon his prey: And so an hypocrite, though he rises high in some actions, yet the truth is, his eye is upon some earthly prey, and when he sees his opportunity, thither he goes and finks down to Page  237 those things, and that's his most proper place, there he takes most delight and content in his Conversation, though his actions may seem to be Heavenly, and therefore he will fall down and never attain to the highest Heavens that the Saints shall go to, but to hell at the last.