Two treatises of Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs. The first of earthly-mindedness, wherein is shewed, 1. What earthly-mindedness is. ... 6. Directions how to get our hearts free from earthly-mindedness. The second treatise. Of conversing in heaven, and walking with God. Wherein is shewed, 1. How the Saints have their conversation in heaven. ... 9. Rules for our walking with God. The fourth volumn [sic] published by Thomas Goodwyn. William Greenhil. Sydrach Simpson. Philip Nye. William Bridge. John Yates. William Adderley.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.
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    PHILIPPIANS, 3. 20.
  • CHAP. I
    HOw far the examples of godly men should prevail with us Page 91
    • 1 More than other ex∣amples 93
      • 1 More than the examples of rich men ibid
      • 2 More than the example of the multitude ibid
      • 3 More than the examples of those nearly related to us ibid
    • 2 They should be enough to take off prejudices that come from accusations of men ib.
    • 3 They should make us enquire after those waies Page 94
    • 4 We should not oppose those waies 95
    • 5 They should prepare us to let in any truth they profess ibid
    • 9 They should confirm us in the truth 96
  • CHAP. II.
    What is to be done when ex∣amples of godly men are contrary
    • 1 It puts us to a strict examina∣tion 97
    • 2 which way hath most earthly inducements 98
  • Page  [unnumbered]
    Rebuke to those that follow the example of the wicked, and re∣ject the example of the godly Page 98
  • CHAP. IV
    Two Doctrines
    • 1 The Saints are Citizens of Heaven 100
    • 2 Their Conversation while they are in this world is in Heaven ibid
  • CHAP. V
    How the Saints are Citizens of Heaven 102
    • 1 Their names are inroll'd there 102
    • 2 Christ their Head bath taken possession of Heaven in their names ibid
    • 3 When they actually beleeve they take up their freedom 103
    • 4 They cannot again be as slaves ibid
    • 5 They have right to all the com∣mon stock and treasury of hea∣ven ibid
    • 6 They have the same confirma∣tion of their blessed estate that the Angels have ibid
    • 7 They have priviledge of a free rtade to Heaven Page 104
    • 8 They have for he present com∣munion with the Angels ib.
    • 9 They have the protection of Heaven ib.
  • CHAP. VI
    How the Saints have their con∣versation in Heaven 106
    • 1 The aim of their hearts is hea∣ven-wards 107
    • 2 They are acted by Heavenly principles in their waies 108
      • 1 That God is all in all ib.
      • 2 That God is the infinite First being ib.
    • 3 They have communion with the God of Heaven ib.
    • 4 They live according to the Laws of Heaven 110
    • 5 Their soul is where it loves ra∣ther than where it lives 111
    • 6 They deilght in the same things that are done in Heaven 114
      • 1 The sight of Gods face 115
      • 2 The praising of God ib.
      • 3 The keeping a perpetual Sabbath ib.
    • 7 They are heavenly in earthly imployments 115
    • 8 They are heavenly when they converse together 116
    • 9 Their great trade upon earth is for heaven 217
  • Page  [unnumbered]
    The Saints trading for Hea∣ven opened.
    • 1 They have skill in they commo∣dity they trade for Page 217
    • 2 They have a stock to trade withal 218
    • 3 They take the advantage of the Market for commodities ib.
    • 4 There is much inter course ib.
    • 5 Their chief stock is where they trade 220
    • 6 They are willing to part with any thing here to receive ad∣vantage where they trade ib.
    • 7 They trust much 221
    Evidences of mens having their conversations in hea∣ven
    • Evidence 1.
      They canvilifie all the things on earth 222
    • Evidence 2
      They can be content and live comfortably with little in this world ib.
    • Evidence 3
      They can suffer hard things with joyful hearts 223
    • Evidence 4.
      Their hearts are filled with hea∣venly riches 225
    • Evidence 5
      They are willing to purchase the priviledges of Heavne at a dear rate ib.
    • Evidence 6
      They are sensible of the stoppages between heaven and their souls Page 26
    • Evidence 7
      Their willingness to die 227
  • CHAP. IX
    Reasons why the Saints have their Conversation in hea∣ven ib.
    • 1 Because their souls are from Heaven 228
    • 2 By grace the soul hath a Di∣vine Nature put into it 230
    • 3 Their most choise things are in heaven 231
    • 4 God orders it so to wean their hearts from the world 233
  • CHAP. X. Use 1.
    To reprove such as have their conversations in hell 234
  • CHAP. XI. Use 2.
    To reprove hypocrites 235
  • Page  [unnumbered]
    CHAP. XII. Use 3.
    Let us not find fault with the strictness of Gods waies Page 237
  • CHAP. XIII. Use 4.
    To reprove such as are godly and yet fail in this thing 238
  • CHAP. XIV.
    An Heavenly Conversation is a convincing conversation 241
  • CHAP. XV.
    A Heavenly Conversation is gro∣wing 243
  • CHAP. XVI.
    A Heavenly Conversation brings much glory to God 244
    A Heavenly Conversation brings much glory to the Saints 246
    A Heavenly Conversation will make sufferings easie 247
  • CHAP. XIX.
    A Heavenly Conversation brings much joy 249
  • CHAP. XX.
    An Heavenly Conversation is very safe 250
  • CHAP. XXI.
    An Heavenly Conversation gives abundant entrance into glory ibid
    Directions how to get a Heaven∣ly Conversation
    • Direct. 1.
      Be perswaded that it is attaina∣ble Page 251
    • Direct. 2.
      Labor to keep a cleer conscience 252
    • Direct. 3.
      Watch opportunities for heavenly exercises ibid
    • Direct. 4
      Rest not in formality 253
    • Direct. 5.
      Labor to beat down your bodies. 254
    • Direct. 6.
      Labor to be skilful in the Mystery of godliness, to draw strength from Christ in every thing you do ibid
    • Direct. 7.
      Exercise the grace of faith much 256