Two treatises of Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs. The first of earthly-mindedness, wherein is shewed, 1. What earthly-mindedness is. ... 6. Directions how to get our hearts free from earthly-mindedness. The second treatise. Of conversing in heaven, and walking with God. Wherein is shewed, 1. How the Saints have their conversation in heaven. ... 9. Rules for our walking with God. The fourth volumn [sic] published by Thomas Goodwyn. William Greenhil. Sydrach Simpson. Philip Nye. William Bridge. John Yates. William Adderley.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.


    Philip. 3. 19.
  • CHAP. I.
    • TExt opened Page 2
    • Doctrine
      There is a great dif∣ference between a wicked man and a godly man, The one minds the Earth: the other, his Conversation is in Heaven 3
  • CHAP. II.
    Earthly-mindedness discovered in nine particulars
    • 1 When men look upon Earthly things as the greatest things. 5
    • 2 When the choicest of their thoughts are busied about earthly things▪ 6
    • 3 When their hearts cleave to the earth Page 8
    • 4 When their hearts are filled with distracted cares about the earth. 9
    • 5 When the greatest endeavors of their lives are about things of the earth 11
    • 6 When they seek any earthly thing for its self and not in subordination to some higher good 13
    • 7 When they are earthly in spiri∣tual things 15
    • 8 When they pass by great diffi∣culties about earthly matters and they seem little to them ibid
    • 9 When they conceive of the most heavenly truth in an earthly Page  [unnumbered] way Page 17
  • CHAP. III.
    • Fourteen Evils of Earthly∣mindedness
      • 1 It is Adultery 20
      • 2 It is Idolatry ibid
          Object. What Idolatry is there in it? Answ.
        • 1 They depart from God 22
        • 2 They chuse rather to make the earth to be their god, than the infinit First-Being of all things ibid
      • 3 It is enmity against God 23
      • 4 It is opposite and contrary to the work of grace 24
        • 1 Before Conversion
          • 1 To the call of conversion 26
          • 2 To the souls answer to this call ibid
          • 3 To the resigning up of the soul to God as the chiefest good 26
        • 2 After conversion to their work of grace
          • 1 Grace brings a new light to the soul ibid
          • 2 Make him a new crea∣ture 27
          • 3 Is of an elevating na∣ture ibid
          • 4 Is of an enlarging na∣ture ibid
          • 5 Grace sanctifies the soul 28
      • 5 It puts men upon great temp∣tations Page 28
      • 6 It is one of the greatest bin∣drances to the profit of the Mi∣nistry 30
      • 7 It causeth many foolish lusts in the heart 34
        • 1 It causeth them to follow after things that are vile ibid
        • 2. It makes them a servant to their servants ibid
        • 3 A man might have more of it, and not mind it so much as he doth 35
        • 4 You pay a great deal more for it than 'tis worth 36
        • 5 What he doth he must needs undo again 38
        • 6 They lose the comfort of earthly things before they have them 39
      • 8 It is the root of Apostacy 40
      • 9 It doth wonderfully dead the heart in the prayer 42
      • 10 It is just with God, their names should be written in the earth 43
      • 11 They have the curse of the ser∣pent upon them 44
      • 12 It is a dishonor to God, and a scandal to Religion 45
      • 13 It doth exceedingly hinder preparation for death 47
      • 14 It will drown thy soul in per∣dition 50
    • Page  [unnumbered]Preparation to Convince∣ments.
      • Men may be earthly-minded and yet not know they are so Page 51
      • Five things may be wrought in an earthly-minded man
        • 1 His judgment may be con∣vinced that there is a vani∣ty in them 52
        • 2 He may have some kind of contentment in them ib.
        • 3 They may speak great words about the vanity of this world ibid
        • 4 They may be free from get∣ting any thing by deceit ibid
        • 5 They may dispise some earth∣ly things ibid
      • Convincement 1
        When a man rests upon earthly props for the good he doth ex∣pect 54
      • Convincement 2
        When men make most provision for the things of this world for themselves and their chil∣dren 55
      • Convincement 3
        When a man can be content with a slight assurance of heavenly things, but never thinks him sure enough for the matters of the earth 56
      • Convincement 4
        When he is contented with a little sanctification, but in things of this world would sill have more and more Page 58
      • Convincement 5
        When they are very wise in mat∣ters of the world, but very weak in spiritual 59
      • Convincement 6
        When their discourses are of the world 60
      • Convincement 7
        When spiritual things must give way to earthliness 61
      • Convincement 8
        When they care not how it is with the Church so it be well with them in things of the world ibid
      • Convincement 7
        When the more spiritual a truth is the lesse it takes with their hearts 63
  • CHAP. IV.
    Reasons of mens Earthly∣mindedness.
    • 1 The things of the earth appear reall to them, but Heavenly things are but a notion 64
    • 2 They look upon them as the pre∣sent necessary things ibid
    • 3 These things are most sutable to mens hearts 65
    • 4 They have a very fair shew to the flesh ib.
    • 5 Men naturally know no better things 66
    • Page  [unnumbered]6 There are earthly principles con∣tinually dropping into men by conversing with other men of the earth ibid
    • 7 The sensible experience they have of their sweetness Page 67
  • CHAP. V.
    Considerations to take off the hearts of men from earthly-mindedness
    • Consideration 1
      If thou couldst possess all the things of the earth there is not so much good in them, as to countervail the evil of one sin 68
    • Consideration 2
      The chiefest things of the earth have been and are the portion of reprobates ibid
    • Consideration 3.
      God hath made man for higher things than the things of the earth 69
    • Consideration 4.
      The soul of a man is of too high a birth to have the strength of it spent about the things of the earth. 70
    • Consideration 5.
      All the things of the earth are un¦certain 71
    • Consideration 6.
      Consider what hath become of such men in former ages 72
    • Consideration 7.
      How short thy time is in this world Page 73
    • Consid. 8.
      A little will serve the turn to carry us through this world 76
    • Consid. 9.
      There is no good to be had in them further than God is pleased to let himself through them 77
    • Consid. 10
      If you be godly God promiseth to take care of you for the things of the earth ibid
    • Consid. 11.
      All that are professors of Religion should be dead to the world 79
  • CHAP. VI
    Exhortation to beware of earthly∣mindedness 81
    Directions to get our hearts free from Earthly-minded∣nesse
    • 1 Be watchful over your thoughts 86
    • 2 Be humbled for sin ibid
    • 3 Set the exampls of the Saints before you 86
    • 4 Consider the great accompt we are to give for all earthly things ibid
    • 5 Set the Lord Jesus Christ be∣fore you 88