Irenicum, to the lovers of truth and peace heart-divisions opened in the causes and evils of them : with cautions that we may not be hurt by them, and endeavours to heal them
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.

4. Self-denyall.

THe joynts in the body cannot joyne, but one part must be hollow, and give way to the other. Condescention of one to another is a principall thing in friendship.*Philip. 2. the ex∣ample of Christ emptying himselfe, and making himselfe to be of no reputation, is set before us as an argument for our union, that therefore we should doe nothing through strife, be like min∣ded, having the same love, and be of one accord, and one minde. It is indifferent to a heart emptyed of Selfe, whether it conquers, or be conquered, so Truth may triumph. In other conflicts the Conquerour hath the honour, and the conquered is disgraced; but in the conflicts for truth, both conquered and conquerour are honourable; the mercy is the greater to him that is conquer∣ed; but he must have a self-denying heart to make him think so.