Gospel-conversation: wherein is shewed, I. How the conversation of believers must be above what could be by the light of nature. II. Beyond those that lived under the law. III. And suitable to what truths the Gospel holds forth. By Jeremiah Burroughs, preacher of the Gospel to Stepney and Criplegate, London. Being the third book published by Thomas Goodwyn, William Greenhil, Sydrach Simpson, Philip Nye, William Bridge, John Yates, William Adderly.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.
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JOHN, 18. 36.
Jesus answered and said, My Kingdom is not of this world.

MAny particulars I past over the last day briefly, which I told you would need some further explication. I'le give you some few things a∣bout that, & then proceed to Aplication of al▪

The Priviledges of this Kingdom of Christ they are not of this world. I'le name a prin∣cipal one; and this is the priviledg of al that are under the Kingdom of Christ; That all businesses, transactions between God and them, are in the Court of Christ the Mediator: They are not in the Court of exact & severe justice, but they are to be tried for their eternal estates, & for all they do, in the Court of Christ, in his Kingdom; which is a mighty priviledg the Saints have. As kingdoms have several priviledges: 'tis a greater privi∣ledg to be tried in one kingdom than in another: All men and women in their natural estate, not under the kingdom of Christ, they are to be tried in the Court of Justice, i. e. the Court of Gods providential kingdom, and there they are either to be acquitted or condemn'd by the Law; that's the way of Gods proceedings towards those that are under His providential kingdom, only to be dealt withal according to the Law. But al those that are under the kingdom of Christ, have all their businesses, in refe∣rence to God, tried in another Court, tried in the Court (as I may so call it) of the Gospel, in the Judicature of Jesus Christ, for Christ He is as Mediator to them, He is the Judge to pass all sentences concerning them: and the right understanding of this would much help in the point of Beleevers being chastised for Page  153 sin; it's true, they are not chastised by judgement out of the court of Law as other men are; but they are chastised by Christ that hath the Judicature committed to Him, and the Admini∣stration of all things, especially concerning His Church and People, and by a sentence from Him chastised; not by a sentence from the Father, as He is the Judge of all flesh proceeding accor∣ding to the Law. This is the main thing which we spake to be∣fore. But yet there are divers other things.

2ly That all that are in Christs Kingdom, are Free-men, they are delivered from bondage: all that are out of this Kingdom are bondslaves, they are under the prince of this world, (that is, the Devil) and in slavery unto him; they are all as vassals un∣der the Law, in bondage, and have no other spirit but a spirit of bondage in them, they are slaves to sin, they are under the curse of the Law: But now being brought to the Kingdom of Christ, they are made free, they are free Denizons of Heaven.

3ly And then from hence follows in the third place: All that are in Christ's Kingdom, have the priviledg of a free-trade to Hea∣ven, they have free traffick to Heaven: there is now a blessed inter∣course between Heaven and them, that they have by being sub∣jects of this Kingdom: As we know the subjects of this King∣dom have many freedoms that forreigners have not, that those that belong to another Kingdom have nothing to do with. So the subjects of Christs Kingdom have a freedom of coming into Gods presence, of trading to the promised Land that others have not; others are cast out of Gods sight and cannot trade to Heaven so as beleevers do that are brought under the Kingdom of Christ.

4ly By vertue of this Kingdom they come to have right unto all the Ordinances of Christ: And only by this we come (I say) to have right unto them, so as to be our own. Indeed, Christ for the sake of such as are His Elect Ones, that He intends to bring into His Kingdom, He sends forth His Word, the preaching of the Word unto them▪ but when they are brought into his Kingdom then they are under the Ministry of the Word in another way, Christ then is their great Pastor and Shepherd, and so His Mi∣nisters are in a more peculiar manner Pastors & Shepherds un∣to them. And besides, there are other Ordinances that they have Page  154 nothing to do withal till they be brought into the Kingdom of Christ, namely, the seals of the Covenant, with some others that might be named: That's the great privledge of those that are under the Kingdom of Christ, to have right to all Ordinances; Certainly all Saints and Beleevers, have right unto all, but they are to come in an orderly way to them.

5ly By being under the Kingdom of Christ, there is this Priviledge: Protection. As Kings should be the protectors of their subjects: Jesus Christ hath taken upon Him the protectors of their subjects: Jesus Christs hath taken upon Him the protection of all such as come under Him, all power in Heaven and Earth is given unto Christ, and it is al exercised for their protection, to deliver them from dangers bodily, and spiritual, to protect their souls, they are under Christs Kingly power for protection; when any temp∣tation to sin comes, they should fly unto Christ as King, to shield them from their enemies, when their spiritual enemies come in like a floud, then the Spirit of Christ sets up a standard against them.

6ly They shall certainly have victory over all their enemies: This Kingdom shall never be shaken, let all the world conspire what they will against it, the gates of Hel shall not prevail against it, no cunning devises, no subtil waies shall ever overcome this Kingdom, no, nor any one subject of this Kingdom. This is a priviledge beyond what is in the world. A Kingdom may preserve its self so as to continue a kingdom, but many subjects may be destroyed in the preservation of it: but this is such a kingdom as there shall never one subject be destroied in it, that is, Al the enemies shal never take off one subject from this king∣dom; indeed they may take away their bodily lives; but that is but a transferring of them to the more glorious part of the kingdom that they shall attain to: Then may a subject of this kingdom be said to be destroyed, when he shall be cut off from Christ and lose the grace that he hath received: but none shall be thus destroyed, but shall be preserved by Christ, and shall certainly overcome all enemies, both inward and outward. And that's a sixt priviledge.

7ly By being in this Kingdom, Beleevers are made every one of them Kings: though they be subjects in some sense unto Christ, yet Christ hath made them Kings and Priests unto God (so they Page  155 are called in Scripture.) There's no kingdom where all the sub∣jects are Kings; it is so here, Christ makes all that come under His kingdom to be Kings, and they have too (according to their Princely state) the Angels to be their guard; as Kings have their guard where ever they go; so the poorest and meanest Be∣leever that is under this kingdom of Christ hath his guard of Angels wheresoever he goes; though it be a poor smokey hole or Cottage that he lives in, yet it is guarded by Angels, every night they keep the Door and watch about the Bed: Thus the Scrip∣ture tells us that the Angels are Ministring Spirits for Gods E∣lect.

8ly The benefit of this kingdom of Christ, It is Spiritual peace, and joy in the holy Ghost: So in Rom. 14. 17. The Kingdom of God consists not in meat and drink, but in righteousness, and peace, and joy in the holy Ghost; There's another manner of peace than the world gives. So Christ in John, 14. 17. Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth give I unto you. It's the note of a learned Interpreter speaking of this place, I give not peace as the world gives; the world gives peace (saith he) by taking away afflictions from a troubled person; but Christ gives peace by taking away a troubled person from affliction His meaning is this; the worlds way to give peace is to take a∣way trouble from us, but the way that Christ hath is to take the trouble of our hearts from our affliction; the world cannot give so long as the affliction continues, but Christ gives peace though the affliction doth continue; that's thus, Christ He takes off the troublesomness of mens hearts from the affliction; the world takes off the affliction from the trouble of mens hearts: now this is a great deal better peace when the trouble of our hearts is taken away though the affliction continues, rather than when the affliction is taken away and trouble of heart con∣tinues. I give peace, not as the world gives peace, 'tis inward peace, the worlds is outward, the world takes away some trou∣ble, but I take away the very root of all trouble; the branches are taken away by the peace of the world; that is, whereas you had not trading before, nor the freedom of your estates before, you shall have that now; but the root of all your trouble the world cannot take away, that is, sin, but I take away sin that Page  156 is the root of all trouble. We may (through the blessing of God upon Armles, Parliament, we may) come to have out∣ward peace, that is freedom from outward troubles; Oh but there may be vexation and trouble in our spirits in the mean time. But Christs peace is especially in the conscience and heart, within doors; we may have peace here mixed with abundance of sin and wickedness: it may be procured in a sinful way, or it may be the cause of much sin; but my peace is a holy peace, it doth further holiness wheresoever I give it, my peace is a lasting and a stable peace; peace here may be but for a few months, but my peace shall be eternally, I give peace not as the world, that is the fruit of the kingdom of Christ: So the truth is, though there be many outward afflictions attend the Kingdom of Christ, yet the Kingdom of Christ is alwaies in peace and in joy of the holy Ghost. That is a priviledge which we can ne∣ver be crowned with but in the kingdom of Christ, as we can never enjoy peace but here, all the peace that mens consciences have till they come under the kingdom of Christ it will turn to greater trouble, that peace they have and live loosly, not be∣ing subdued to the kingdom of Christ will turn to horror and misery; and so the joy that there is in the world it will turn to sorrow and vexation; 'tis proper to the kingdom of Christ to have joy in the holy Ghost; thou mayest have joy in thy cups, joy in thy dishes, joy in thy mirth and wicked company, but 'tis proper to the kingdom of Christ to bring joy unspeakable and glorious unto the soul; the soul never knows experimentally what the joy of the holy Ghost means, till it comes under the kingdom of Jesus Christ, it's the priviledge of the kingdom of Christ to bring spiritual peace which passeth all understanding, and joy in the holy Ghost.

Ninthly, This is a priviledg in the kingdom of Christ, That all that are in His Kingdom have right to all the gifts and graces of all the Saints in the world: Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephus, or Life, or Death, all is yours, for you are Christs, and Christ is Gods. They have (I say) right to all, all the gifts of all the Ministers of the world, and the graces of all the Saints they work for good unto them.

Page  157 Tenthly and lastly, They are all Heirs of Christ with an immor∣tal Crown of glory, that is laid upon Heaven for them. Thus Christs Kingdom is not of this world, the priviledges of it are beyond the worlds, which can only be seen by the eye of faith, for they are spiritual and glorious priviledges.

Quest. If you ask me why it is that God the Father would not have His Son to have his kingdom in this world? Certain∣ly God might have given to Christ all the Government of this world, might have made Him the great Emperor, to have rul'd in an external way, and all His Subjects to have been in pomp and glory here below; but God would not have the kingdom of His Son here in this world for these reasons,

Ans. First, Because that hereby He would confound the wis∣dom of the world, and shew the vanity of all the things of this present world, and the folly of the hearts of men that are set upon the things of this world; we look upon these things as great things, but God hath shewed that he doth not look upon them as great matters, but as things that have little value and excellency in them, and therfore He would not have His Son to have His kingdom here of this world; surely if there were such excellent things here as men dream of, then undoubtedly Christ should have had His Kingdom of this world; but that God might confound all the glory and non-plus the wisdom of this world, therefore he would go another way to work, God would so order things that He would fetch about the glory of his Name and those great things that he did intend from all eternity, He would fetch them about in a way that should be hidden from the eyes of the world, in a way that should appear contempti∣ble in the eyes of the world, and he would by this rebuke and shame all the pride, folly, and vanity of the world, there is no greater rebuke of the pride, folly, and vanity of the world than in my Text here, that saith, The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is not of this world.

Secondly, Because the Lord delights so much in the exercise of the graces of His Spirit, the spiritual workings of the hearts of His Saints; there's nothing that is ab extra from God, that is more delight∣ful to Him than the exercises of the graces of His Spirit in the hearts of His Saints, (excepting what is in the Person of Christ Page  158 himself) nothing more pleasing in all the works that ever God made in which He takes more pleasure than in the exercise of faith, and of humility, and of patience, and the like; and the holiness of His Saints. Now the less the Kingdom of Christ is of the world, the more bright and glorious do the graces of the Saints appear, the more do they come to be exercised; had the Saints a worldly glory and pomp here, their graces would not shine forth so eminent, there would not be such a spiritual lu∣stre and shine upon them: but now that God may exercise, espe∣cially the grace of faith, and humility, and patience, and self∣denial, and brotherly love which are so precious to Him; there∣fore God hath so ordered things that the Kingdom of His Son should not be of this world, but it should be spiritual; (it may be) you think it a sad affliction that you have not those com∣forts that you see others have in the world, you have not such estates and bravery as others have, brave dwellings, costly fur∣nitures, and fine cloaths as others have, and you cannot pro∣vide for your children as they do; I but is there the exercise of faith in God in the want of these things; the exercise of humi∣lity, self-denial, of patience? know that these are more glorious things than if thou didst sit upon a Throne with a Crown of gold upon thy head and a Scepter in thy hand, and al the people prostrating themselves before thee, this were all but a childish vanity in comparison of the exercise of the graces of Gods Spi∣rit, thou hast that that is more excellent in the eyes of God and of His Son, and in the eyes of the blessed Angels, far more excel, lent than these outward, pompous, glorious, glittering vanities that are here: & when thou findest by experience that the King∣dom of Christ is not of this world, Oh then think, that sure∣ly God delights much in the exercise of the graces of His Spirit in His Saints: And this is the reason why he would not have the kingdom of Christ to be of this world.

Thirdly and lastly, Therefore He would not have it to be of this world, that hereafter when the Lord shall come to fetch out all his glo∣ry from those things that seem to be the most contrary, that his power and wisdom may be more glorious and appear more evidently, that his glory may be more conspicuous: as certainly it will hereafter at the great Day when the issue of all the great designs that God had in sen∣ding Page  158 of Christ into the world, when the issue of all shall come and be accomplisht, then the Name of God will be so much the more honorable to all eternity, because He hath wrought out such glorious things, from that which did seem to the eye of flesh to be so mean and contemptible.


But by way of Application; and that shall be built upon the consideration of the point more generally; and upon the Rea∣sons that are named, why the Kingdom of Christ is not of this world.

From hence follow, thus much in the first place, That if the Kingdom of Christ be not of this world, then there is a happiness beyond the things of this world to be had; that we must certainly conclude and determin: If we beleeve this point, That Christ Kingdom is not of this world, we must lay down this for a certain and infalible ground that we may build upon, That there is a hap∣piness to be attained unto that is beyond this world, for sure∣ly there is a good in the of Christ, there is somewhat beyond this world for the souls of the children of men to look after as their cheef good, as their happiness; that's a confectory that follows from it. The Kingdom of Christ whatsoever it be, it's a glorious Kingdom, it is the Kingdom of His dear Son (as the Scripture speaks) and therefore very glorious: And all the glory of the kingdom of Solomon, it was but to typifie out the glory of the Kingdom of Christ; now that is not of this world: therefore there is some glory beyond that of this world: and it is a good sign of a spiritual eye and a spiritual heart, to be able to see an excellency and glory that is beyond this world; to be able to look higher and further than this world can: We think that all the good things that God hath to communicate to the children of men, should be here on earth; but I beseech you con∣sider of it: Can we think in our consciences that all the good things that God hath to cōmunicate to such as He loves should be here in this world? Certainly, no. Consider therefore that all the good things that God intends for his people are not of this world.

First, It's called, An evil world. Truly it's no great matter, and Page  160 we should not account much that the Kingdom of Christ is not of this world, if we consider these things:

First, That this world it is an evil world. Gal. 4. We are de∣livered from this evil world.

Secondly, It's a world, that the Devil (in Scripture) is called the god of, and the prince of this world; 2 Cor. 4. 4. Whose eyes the god of this world hath blinded. Surely all the good things that God hath to communicate to His Saints, are not of this world, that is an evil world, that is a world that the very Devil is god of it (in scripture phrase.)

Thirdly, A world all whose bravery and pomp and glory it is not of the Father. 1 John, 2. 16. you have an epitomy there of what the excellency of the world is; for saith he, All that is in the world, the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life: Un¦der these three heads are all things that the men of the world look upon as desirable; either they are the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, or the pride of life: But saith he, All that is in the world, is not of the Father, but is of the world. Surely the chief things that God hath to communicate to His Saints, are not of the things of this world; for all that is in the world, is not of the Father, And wouldest not thou have the riches of the Fa∣ther? 'Tis true, God is the Creator of all things, and hath the dispose of all things; but that that the men of the world look upon as the excellent things that are here, they are not of the Father, they are none of the good things that God the Father hath to bestow upon His children; and therefore surely, there is a happiness beyond the things of this world. Oh my Bre∣thren, that I could but so take off the hearts of people by this point from the things of this world, as to make them look after the Kingdom of Christ that is not of this world; for you see that all that is here in the world, the Scripture saith, it is not of the Father.

Fourthly, As all the excellent things are not of the Father, so the truth is, all the glory that is in the world it is but darkness, it is a dun∣geon of darkness to a spiritual eye: As the Bats can see in the night; so the men of the world they think they see some glitte∣ring here in the world; but in the language of Scripture, and to spiritual hearts, it is but darkness: Hence the Apostle Eph. 6. 12. Page  161 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world. Rulers of the darkness of this world are the unclean spirits, spiritual wicked∣nesses; the Devils are the Rulers of the darkness of this world, this world it hath a darkness in it, and therefore surely, the chief good things that God hath to bestow upon the Saints, they are things that are beyond this world.

Fifthly, The world knows not God, John, 17▪ 25. The world is that that Christ saith, doth not know the Father; Oh, righteous Father, the world hath not known thee. Take men that are the wisest of the world, and have all the wisdom that this world can af∣ford, it will not help them to the knowledge of the Father, the world knows not those excellent and glorious things that are of the Father.

Sixthly, The world it lies in wickedness, 1 John, 5. 19. (as some∣times I have opened that Scripture to you) Just as you see in a common shore, a carion, a dead dog that lies over head and ears in the mire or mud in a common shore, and in its own filthiness: so the whole world lies in wickedness, the wickedness of the world is like the common shore, in wch there is nothing but filth and dirt; and the world as a dead carion lies in its own pollu∣tions; surely, then there are other things that God hath to communicate to his Saints than the things of this world: and we should not be offended though the Kingdom of Christ be not of this world.

Seventhly, The world it passeth away with the lusts of it, 1 John, 2. 17. it is a notable Scripture for that: And the world passeth a∣way, and the lusts thereof; but he that doth the will of God, abideth for ever, (speaking before of what was the glory of the world) and it passeth away with the lusts thereof. Mark, Not only the things of the world passeaway, but the very lusts to those things pas∣seth away: As now, men and women who have their healths, and live bravely for a while, Oh! how greedy are they for the contents of this world? how do they long and desire that they might have such a merry meeting with such friends, and such cheer, and such commings in; They make provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. But now (mark) within a little while, not only these comforts shall be taken from them, but the very lusts Page  162 of them shall passe away; that is, they shal have no mind in the world to them: Take a poor man that was wont to long for these things, when he lieth upon his sick bed, at the point of death, now he looks upon these things as those things that are dry leaves, he hath no mind to them, not so much as a phansie after these things, all the varnish of the things of the world are gone in his eyes, he tasts them no more than the white of an eg, yea, the desire of his heart is dead to them: as now, a man that lusted after drink, when his desire is satisfied, the very desire after it is gon; and one that liv'd in gluttony, when his body is a little distempered, the very lusts therof passeth away: surely there are other things that God hath for his people than the things of this world.

Eightly, There must be somwhat else besides the things of this world: for Christ Himself is not of this world, John, 8. 23. Are all the good things that the Father hath to cōmunicate of this world, and not Christ Himself of this world? Let me tell you, Christ is the greatest gift that ever was given, or possibly could be recei∣ved, and yet Christ is not of this world; therefore there is som∣what else besides the things of this world, that God hath for some of the children of men, that He intends good unto.

Ninthly, The Saints are said, not to be of this world, Joh. 15. 19. & 17. 14. If they be not of this world, then their happiness is not here, God hath other happiness for them than that which is here.

Tenthly, The Scripture makes it to be a sign of a child of wrath that he walks according to the course of this world (in 2 Joh. 2.) this is enough to describe a child of wrath.

Eleventhly, It's made a sign of one that is an enemy to God; and that's hateful before God, that is a lover of this world, Jam. 4. 4. And 1 Joh. 2. 15. He that loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him; and the friendship of the world is enmity to God (saith the Holy Ghost in those two Scriptures▪) If so be that in the world there were the special things that God hath to communicate to the Children of men; certainly then God would have his peo∣ple to love the world, He would say, Love these things, for these are the fruits of my favor and love, these are part of the riches that I have to communicate to those that I intend good to; and Page  163 therefore delight in these, expatiate your heart in these: Oh me! saith the holy Ghost, whosoever loves the world is an enemy to God. And, if the love of the world be in you, the love of the Father is not in you: surely then here are not the things that God intends for the children of men.

Twelfthly, The world is that that shall be condemned: 1 Cor. 11. 32. That ye may not be condemned with the world▪ that notes that God intends to condemn this whol world, all these things are under the sentence of death, and all the men of the world are condem∣ned before God; and therefore these are not the things that men should so much look after to make them happy.

Thirteenthly, Take all the world together; the Scripture speaks by way of supposition, That a man may gain the whol world, and yet his soul be lost for ever; If one man could get all the world in to his possession and thereby lose his soul, it would be an ill bargain; the world then hath no such excellency in it as we should place our happiness in it; God hath something else for His people than these things that are at the best under Moon-vanities.

Fourteenthly, If Christs Kingdom is not of this world; then cer∣tainly those that are of the world are not of His Kingdom; for these two cannot stand together, that Christs Kingdom should not be of this world, and yet that these that are of the world should be of his Kingdom, if such as are of the world are none of his king∣dom, then certainly a worldly man or woman is not of the kingdom of Christ, Christ owns them not as under His king∣dom, they are Vagabonds and Runnagates not under the pro∣tection of Jesus Christ, not partakers of any priviledg of Jesus Christ.

Quest▪ You will say to me, How should one know when a man is a man of this world? The Scripture makes a plain distincti∣on of some that are of this world, and some not; the best of all you will say they have hearts worldly enough, and they desire to have the comforts of this world as well as others? well, though there are some, yet we had need look to our selves; to ex∣amine whether we be of the world yea or no, for there lies thus much upon it, that if we be of the world we are not of the king∣dom of Christ; now I would give you but these three notes of a man of the world.

Page  164Answ. The first is this, One that is a man of the world is such an one as could be content if God would let him live here in this world, and enjoy what he doth, he would be content for to live here for ever, and could be satisfied though he never enjoyed any thing from God but what he hath received here, if he might alwaies bold it. Here's an evident Argument of a man of the world, I mean such a man as hath health of body in this world, he hath for outwards as much as the world can afford any man, that for the properness of his body, his comliness, his health, he hath as much as the world can give, he hath convenient dwelling, with all accommodati∣ons belonging thereunto, and he hath the comings in of the world as much as his heart can desire, he hath his wife and chil∣dren about him, in which he hath a great deal of delight and content; now, I would but put it to this man, What sayest thou? would not this satisfie thy heart if thou mightest alwaies be here, alwaies have thy house, and gardens, and walks, and these co∣mings in that thou hast now, that thou mightest fare deliciou∣sly every day, and have the sweet and fat of the world, would it not satisfie thy soul, though God should never give thee any thing else but this?

I beseech you, in your own thoughts, answer even to God this question, and seriously look into your hearts, for you may know very much of your hearts upon the answer to this question, you may come to know what is like to become of you for ever, even from the answer that your consciences would give to this que∣stion: That man or woman whose conscience tels them that this would satisfie, then we may conclude, that surely that man or woman is of this world; because the things of this world would be enough for his portion: But now take a man or wo∣man that is chosen out of this world, that is of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, unto whom the Lord hath made known the things of another world and the excellencies of Jesus Christ, and such a one though it had ten thousand times more than it hath, though it had what possibly can be imagined, it would say, Lord, it's true, I am unworthy of the least crum of bread that I eat, or of the least drop of water, but yet it is not all the world, nor ten thousand worlds can satisfie my soul, for the portion of it, It is nothing but thy self, the unsearchable riches in Jesus Christ, Page  165 those blessed things that thou hast revealed in that glorious kingdom of thy Son, it's only that that can satisfie my soul for the portion of it; and if thou shouldest say, well, thou shalt have all the things in this world for thy portion and enjoy them for ever; I should account my self in a miserable condition, for thou hast revealed better and higher things to my soul; this would be the answer of one that is chosen out of the world that hath a gracious heart and is brought under the Kingdom of Je∣sus Christ.

2. A second note that I would give to know, whether a man be a man of this world or no, is this, A man of this world is one that accounts the possessions of worldly comforts, to be greater rices than any riches conteined in the promises; that looks upon the comforts of this world as real things, they have them in possession: But looks upon the promise, as that that hath but a notion in it, as if there were no such reality and excellency in the things of the promise; a man that dares not trust God upon his word upon his promise without seeing in a way of reason or sence how things may come in unto him for supply from the things of this world; this is a man of the world, he hath a promise, but things go very ill with him in respect of his outward estate, in respect of whatso∣ever by sence or reason he is able to discern, he looks upon him∣self as miserable, if indeed God would give him in the things of the world in real possession, that would satisfie him, but not the promise: This is an evidence of a worldly heart, that regards more the possession of the things of the world than the promise of God for provision for him; as for promises, he thinks that that man is but in a sad condition, that hath nothing but bare promises to live upon; here's a worldly heart that hath low and mean thoughts of the promises. But now, one who is taken out of this world, and translated into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, regards more to have a promise to live upon, than to have possessions to live upon: Promises in the word are greater and more real things to that soul than any Bills or Bonds from men can be, he can live better upon a Promise, than upon Bils, or Bonds, or Leases, or any such things in the world: Hast thou found such a principle within thee, that canst close with the promise, and canst bless thy self in the promises, I have title to, Page  166 and an interest in many promises in the Book of God, for life and godliness are more to me than all the treasures of Egypt, and though I do not enjoy so much in the hand as others, yet my heart hath enough, because it is possest by Christ, in whom all the promises are Yea, and Amen; that is, sure and infallible. God is faithful who hath promised; this is an argument that thou art taken out of the world, and taken into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ; but otherwise, thou that canst not trust God for thy outward estate, body and soul upon a promise, this is an evi∣dence of one that hath his heart set on the world.

3 A third sign of a man of this world, is this, A man of the world blesses those that are like himself, looks upon and measures the happiness or misery of other men, according to what they do enjoy, or ac∣cording to what they do enjoy in this world. They call the proud, happy; I mean by this they measure the happiness of other men, according to what they have of the world, and think that the meer enjoying of worldly accommodations is enough to make men happy, notwithstanding they see them to be very wicked and sinful, yet so long as they flourish as a green bay tree, yet re∣joyce in them and with them, yea, get themselves in the midst of the guilt that is upon them, when conscience (as a woolf in their bosom) flyes in their faces, yet they can blesse themselves in the enjoyment of outward comforts, and set that against any trouble of mind whatsoever, as if so be it were enough to make up their comforts: I have been at such a place, and contracted such guiltiness upon my soul, committed such sins, Oh! what shall comfort me now? well, he comes home, and sees all wel a∣bout him, his house furnished, his table spread, means coming in as a floud, and this quiets him: here's a worldly heart: whereas were the heart taken off from the world, the possession of al under Christ would never calm a conscience that hath any guilt upon it; when I have contracted any guilt upon my soul, although I see all well about me, Oh! till I have an assurance from the Holy Ghost the Witness of the Spirit, that the guilt of my sin is washt away in the blood of Jesus Christ, what wil all these do me good? I have these and these comforts, Oh! but I have an unclean conscience, a leprous soul: Doest thou set the good things here to countervail the evil of sin? Certainly, thou Page  167 art a man of the world, thy name is written in the earth▪ thou art but living dust and ashes at the best. And the world is like to be the only portion of thy soul, thou art a stranger to the King∣dom of Jesus Christ. That's a second Use.

Ʋse 3. The third Use should have been this: Here we see the main thing that doth hinder people from the Kingdom of Jesus Christ: What is that which keeps off men from coming under the Scepter of this King of Saints, from subjecting themselves to His Kingdom? Certainly, this point shews it cleerly, His King∣dom is not of this world, were the Kingdom of Jesus Christ of this world, then people would flock into it, Who would not joyn in such a Kingdom and be a member therof, where he could have worldly glory and pomp and riches and bravery; but now because it is not of this world, therefore they slight it: As I re∣member we reade in the Gospel of Herod, that when he heard of the great Miracles that Christ wrought, Herod sent for Christ, and he longed a great while to see Jesus Christ, but when Christ came, and he saw Him a poor, mean, contemptible man to the outward eye, he thought to have seen him to have done such and such great things, and to have been such a man as not the like upon the earth. But Christ contemn'd Herod as much as Herod contemn'd Him, and Christ would not shew his glory before Herod, but appeared in his outward meaness, and the text saith, Herod set Him at naught, he set Him at naught, when he saw him so outward contemptible: And so it is reported of the Roman Emperors, that hearing that Christ should be the King of the Jews, and that out of Davids stock there should come a King of the Jews, they sought to destroy all of that family that they could find out, and all the Tribe of Judah: But afterward, when they found out some that were of the Kindred of Jesus Christ, and saw that they were poor laboring men, that labored with their hands to eat their bread by the sweat of their brows, they set them at naught and contemn'd them; certainly, this is the great offence to the world, that the Kingdom of Christ is not of the world, and as Christ saith, Wo to the world, because of offences▪ so wo to the world because of this great offence, Christs Kingdom being so spiritual, hence it is that the world receives Him not, in 1. John, 10. And so in John, 14. 17. Even the spirit Page  168 of truth whom the world cannot receive: Mark, the world cannot receive the spirit of Truth, the world receives not Christ, and it cannot receive the spirit of Truth. If you speak of the world to men, then they savor of those things, come to a man and tell him of a good bargain on the Exchange, he will listen to you, and remember what you say, but come and speak to him of the great things of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, of the glori∣ous priviledges of that kingdom, only there's a sound in the air, and it passeth away, and takes no impression at all on the heart of one that is carnal, 1 John, 4. 5. there you have this exprest fully, the very guize and way of a carnal heart, They (saith the text) are of the world, therefore speak they of the world: and the world heareth them: those that are of the world, they speak of the world, and discourse of the world, and savor the things of the world, and the world heareth them; but now, let a man come and tell them of things that are heavenly, of a goodly Pearl, of Jesus Christ, they savor not those things; and they hear them not: Oh! 'tis from hence that men come not into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, because it is not of this world. What's the rea∣son that there are more comes into the Kingdom of Antichrist, than into the Kingdom of Christ? Revel. 13. 3. The whol world wandered after the beast, saith the text, because they are of the world, and Antichrist doth set up a worldly kingdom instead of Christs kingdom, and men that are of the world they flock after Antichrist, and hence it was, that your great rich men in places where the Gospel hath not been, they were Papists, or Popishly affected, so that therefore the Papists make outward prosperity to be one badge or sign of the true Church; hence it is that Popery is so sutable to worldly hearts, and the holy Ghost prophesied before hand, that the whol world should fol∣low Antichrist, only here and there a few poor ones Jesus Christ chuses out of this world to follow him, for His Kingdom is not of this world.

One Particular more, in a word, seeing the Kingdom of Christ is not of the world, then a worldly heart is the most un∣beseeming thing in one that professeth himself to be a Christian, of any thing that can be in the world: If Christs Kingdom be not there, certainly thy heart should not be there: Thou that Page  269 professest thy self to be of the Kingdom of Christ, which is spiri∣tual and heavenly, and yet thou a worldly earthly heart, I say, it is the most unbeseeming thing that possibly can be: what, for a Professor of Religion to have an earthly, covetous worldly heart?

By that that I have already spoken in shewing the vanity and the evil of the world, and the great evil of loving the world were enough to strengthen this use; but now that that I inten∣ded should have been to speakesp, ecially to those that are Chri∣stians, that have hopes that God hath made them partakers of Jesus Christ, and would be loth to lose their hopes in the good things of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ for 10000. worlds, & yet there doth remain much worldliness in their hearts to this day, surely, this not beseeming one of the profession that thou makest, it is no honor unto thy King, the Lord Jesus Christ; worldly Professors, they are great dishonors to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ; when there shall appear no difference between those that we account to be men of the world, and such as we hope are chosen out of the world; Oh! how is Christ dishonored by this? Look but upon the lives of Christians that profess Religi∣on, and one would think that the Kingdom of Christ were a Kingdom of this world rather than any thing else, for I say, to outward appearance, though it may be Christ may see some integrity within the heart, yet to outward appearance there is even almost no difference between them and the men of the world.

It doth become Christians to live so in their whol course, as to make it appear that they are men and women above the world, whose Conversations are in Heaven, that they do beleeve the Kingdom of Jesus Christ that is not of this world.