An exposition of the prophesie of Hosea begun in divers lectures vpon the first three chapters, at Michaels Cornhill, London
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.
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YOu have these Lectures as they were ta∣ken from me in preaching, Iperused the notes, but I could not bring the style to that succinctnesse that I desired, except I should have wrote all over again, which I had no time to doe: my perusall was but cursory, therefore many things have slipt me: You have them as I preached them, without any considerable alte∣ration. I had thought to have been far briefer: that which caused me to goe somewhat beyond an expository way, was the meeting with so ma∣ny things almost in every Lecture so neerly con∣cerning the present times: in the remaining part of the Prophesie, if God give life to goe Page  [unnumbered] through it, I shall keep my selfe more close to an expository way: what here you have, take it as you finde it: what good you meet with, receive it in. This will be the encouragement of

Thy friend in Christ, J. B.