The difference between the spots of the godly and of the wicked preached by Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs at Cripple Gate.
Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646.
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Courteous Reader,

HEre thou hast before thine eyes a little Manuel, taken by a Dextrous Baruch, from the mouth of Jeremiah. By it, as Abel, though dead, he speaketh; and albeit the Carkass of the dead Lyon ly∣eth rotting in the ground, yet his Name and Doctrine yeelds, Sweetness. He needs no Herauld to proclaim his prai∣ses. His own works do sufficiently praise him in the Gates. Aaron and his Sons had discerning spirits to destinguish the spots of Leprosie, shewing-which made unclean, and which not; and this Au∣thor treads in their-steps, and, as a ju∣dicious Critick, discerns between the precious and the vile, distinguishing the Faint-spots of Weakness, from the Plague-spots of Wickedness, that so we may cease from false plea's, and be found Page  [unnumbered] spotless at the great Day. He makes no spots where were none, but seeks to cleanse them where they are, by the sweet Calls of Admonition and Reproof: If he discover thy secret spots and sores, like the good Samarit an, he'le give thee oyl and wine to cure them. Some spots are inconsistent with grace, and if not clean∣sed, they'le be thy death, even Plague-sores that will eternally separate thee from God. Come therefore, and purchase this little Treatise, which may be of great and eternal concernment, helping thee to be found of the Lord Christ at the last day, without spot, and blameless.