The reform'd wife a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane.
Burnaby, William, 1672 or 3-1706.
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SInce Novelties your Palates still pursue,
You have to Night, both Play and Poet new:
From whence alone his hopes of pleasing grew.
For so much this prevailing Passion thrives,
Each for his future Appetite contrives,
New Friends, new Favourites, and of late—new Wives.
You Criticks only keep your Old disease,
When Authors please you least, you're most at ease.
Our Poet's therefore glad of a pretence,
To be insipid, in his own defence,
And if you hiss, 'tis still at your Expence.
Often for change the meanest things are good,
Thus tho' the Town all delicates afford,
A Kit-cat is a Supper for a Lord.
But if your Nicer tast resolves to Day,
To have no relish for our Author's Play.
Place some diverting Scene before your Mind,
And think of that, to which you will be kind.
So thus when heavily the moments pass,
Toaster's to Circulate the lazy Glass
By nameing some bright Nymph their draughts refine,
And tast at once the joys of Love and Wine.