The reform'd wife a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane.
Burnaby, William, 1672 or 3-1706.
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TO THE Right Honourable JOHN LORD LORN.

I Impute it to my good Fortune, My Lord, that the first appearance of this Play was on a Wednesday in Lent; for then (it seems) the Town look for a bad Entertainment, and if they met with any thing they did not expect; it was a disappointment that, I presume; they'll forgive.

I confess it has succeeded beyond my Expectation, since I understand that Your Lordship also has been plea∣sed to speak in it's Favour. But You did not apprehend what You drew upon Your Self when you was doing so, and little thought, from commending the Brat, to have it laid at Your Door.

But tho' your approbation in Publick makes me proud, yet the delicacy of your Judgment in private keeps me humble; your Understanding discovers all faults, but your good breeding will not let you take Notice of any, and you can discourage no body, but when they attempt to imitate you.

If I had oftener had the honour to have been near your Lordship; the Conversation of the Comedy wou'd have discover'd it; and tho' it be my misfortune to be Page  [unnumbered] almost a stranger to your Person. Yet I may safely affirm, that I am throughly acquainted with your Character, and to speak but truth of you, wou'd look too like a De∣dication.

I might inlarge upon the Antiquity of your Race, were I so vain, as to hope to add any thing to the honour of what's recorded in our Annals; I might dwell upon those Qualifications, that render you so amiable to all that know you, the Unaffected sincerity of your Nature, your Zeal for the welfare of your Country; your exem∣plary Bravery, and just Sence of true Honour; but to do this, my Lord, wou'd be to entertain you with the daily Discourse of your Friends; as for Enemies, you have none but those you found in Flanders, where you were giving Commands to a Regiment, at an Age that others are receiving Precepts from a Tutor.

I dare say no more, tho' at the same time I disoblige one, I gratifie a thousand; for you are the only Person that can't bear to hear the Lord Lorn well spoke of: But since I would not purchase their approbation at the rate of your displeasure, I must relieve your Lordship from the pain of hearing what's your due, and only tell you that I am,

Your Lordship's Most Devoted Humble Servant.