The reform'd wife a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane.
Burnaby, William, 1672 or 3-1706.
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Spoken by the Sickly LADY.
LET none hereafter Plays Vngodly call,
For this was writ to mortifie you all.
No Parson's here expos'd, no Brothel storm'd,
But a kind handsome keeping Wife Reform'd.
A sign the Youth the World n'er understood,
Or else he would not dare to be so good.
He must the Fame he aims at quite disown,
Who draws good Characters to spoil his own.
This to excuse I thought a Friend he'd need,
And came — sick as I am, his Cause to plead:
'Tis the first Visit I protest I've made.
You're sometimes kind to what I do before you;
Pity the Youth, for my sake I implore you,
Hissing to Death my tender Organ Wounds!
And a sick Ear abhors ungrateful Sounds:
Yet can Applause though ne'er so loud give Ease,
For they who flatter Women always please.
Then vain Assistance will I now explore
In Physick and Astrology no more.
You, dear Physicians, must my Health insure,
And t'other Visit will confirm my Cure;
Else what's already done — is all in vain,
And I relapse — till you come here again.
By you I shall be always to be seen,
For whate'er ails the sickly Fair within,
The Doctor at all Seasons is let in.