A treatise of original sin ... proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.


6. THe incurvation of the soul unto all earthly and worldly objects, this also makes it plain, we came with original sin into the world. The very making of the bo∣dy different from other creatures who look downwards, doth denote that therfore God created us, that both soul and body should look upwards. But is not every mans soul till rectified by grace bowed down to these earthly vanities, no more able to soar up to Heaven, than the worm can flie. Now this is a plain sign of thy sinful apostate condition. It is one of Hippocrates his rules, That when a sick man catcheth inordinatly at the feathers of his pillow, or at straws, and any such light matter, it is a sign of death; and truly to see men by nature so immoderatly snatching and cat∣ching at these worldly things, argue, thou art a dying, a perishing man, unless Gods grace doth interpose: As the Sun, though with its beams it shine upon the earth, yet it is not thereby defiled; So man ought, though he meddle in all outward affairs, though he marry, though he buy and sell, and use this world, yet he ought not in the least manner to soil and pollute his soul thereby. But as the body deprived of the soul fals prostrate on the ground, thus doth man deprived of Gods Image, so that he is never able to get above the creatures, but is vassaliz'd to them.