A treatise of original sin ... proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.


5. ORiginal sinne is a privation, not only of that righteousness which was a na∣tural perfection due to him upon supposition of his Creation for the enjoy∣ment of God, but also of whatsoever supernatural and gracious favour Adam had.Page  119 We do not say, That Adam had nothing supernatural in him, for assisting and co-operating〈◊〉 supernatural, as also that prophetical light he had concern∣ing 〈…〉 God did superadde many glorious ornaments which were 〈…〉 and which he did not absolutely need as means to make him 〈…〉, and such likewise were those consequents of holinesse mentioned before, 〈◊〉 to be the Sonne of God, and to be the Temple of the holy Ghost; Now all these gratuita are lost as well as the naturalia, we are no more the children of God, or the Temple of God, but our souls are possest with Sa∣tan, and he ruleth in our hearts, as in his proper possession▪ Some Divines call original righteousnesse the absolute Image of God, and our sonship, and filial re∣lation to God, for Adam is called the Sonne of God, Luke 3. ult. the relative Image; now whether absolute or relative Image, all is lost; and therefore that assisting grace, which was then ready at hand for Adam to enjoy, that thereby he might b••nabled to do any good action, we are naturally without: Oh then the 〈◊〉 and undone estate we are in, being without inberent grace dwelling in us, and assisting grace from God without us, without eyes, and the light of the Sun also! Who can think that God at first made us such sinfull, mortal and wretched creatures? It would be much against the wisdom and goodness of God, he would then have done worse with man, than with any flie or worm.