A treatise of original sin ... proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.


SEcondly, You have the Author of this disobedience, and that is said to be by one man. Though Eve was the first in transgression, yet Adam is named as the chief; and therefore Adam is sometimes used collectively, both for man and woman; as when God said, Let us make man after our Image. Here then we have Paul informing us of that, which all Philosophy was ignorant of, viz. The imputation of Adams sinne to us, and our natural pollution flowing from it. Yea, Paul guided by the Spirit of God, finds out that mystery, which none of us ever could discover, by reading the History of Mans Fall, related by Moses; For there indeed we could see the cause of death, how that came upon all mankind, but that Adams sin was ours, That we all sinned in him, that hereupon we were all involved in sin and misery; for this we are to bless God for Paul, who hath so largely discovered it.