A treatise of original sin ... proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.
Page  333


The sinfulness of the Affections is discovered in respect of the End and Use for which God ingraffed them in our Natures.

FOurthly, Their sinfulness is discovered in respect of the object about which, So also in respect of the end and use for which God first ingraffed them into our Natures; They were given at first to be like the wheels to the Chariots, like wings to the bird; To facilitate and make easie our approaches to God, the soul had these, to be like Elijah's fiery chariot to mount to Heaven, and therefore we see, where the affections of men are vehement and hot, they conquer all difficulties, that Adam might in body and soul draw nigh to God, that God might be glori∣fied in both, therefore had he these bodily affections; And we see David, though restored to this holy Image but in part, yet he could say, His soul and his flesh did rejoyce in the Lord, his flesh desired God, as well as his soul, that is, his affections were exceedingly moved after God, as Psal. 84. 2. For the soul being the form of the body, whatsoever that doth intensly desire by way of a sympathy or subordination there is a proportionable effect wrought in the inferiour sensitive part. As Aaron's oyl poured on his head, did descend to his skirts; Thus by way of redundancy, what the superiour part of the soul is affected with, the inferiour also doth receive, and by this means the work of grace in the superiour part is more confirmed and strengthned, and the heat below doth encrease the heat above: Thus you see that these affections had by their primitive nature a great serviceablenesse to pro∣mote the glory of God, to prepare and raise up men to that duty: But now these affections are the great impediments and clogs to the soul, that if at any time it would sar up to Heaven, if light within doth instigate to draw nigh to God; These affe∣ctions do immediately contradict and interpose, and the reason is, because they are ingaged to contrary objects, so that when we would love God; love to the world, that presently stoppeth and hinders it; when we should delight and re∣joyce in holy things, worldly and earthly delights they do immediately like the string to the birds feet, pull down to the ground again; Hence it is that you ma∣ny times see men have great light in their minds, great convictions upon their consciences, they know they live in sinfull wayes, they know they do what they ought not to do, yea they will sometimes complain and grieve bitterly, because they are thus captivated to those lusts which they are convinced will damn them at last, but what is the snare that holdeth them so fast? What are the chains upon them, that bind them thus hand and soot, even their sinfull and inordinate affe∣ctions, their carnal love, their carnal delight keepeth conscience prisoner, and will not let it do its duty? Oh that we could humble our selves under this, that what was wine is now become poison, that what we had to further us to Heaven, doth hurry us to hell, that our affections should carry us to sinne that were for God, that they should drive us to hell, which were to further us to Heaven! Oh think of this, consider it and bewail it! Many things lose their use, and they on∣ly become unprofitable, they do not hurt by that degeneration, as salt when it hath lost its seasoning; but now these affections are not onely unprofitable, they will not help to what is good, but are pernicious and damnable; we that were of our selves falling into hell, they thrust us, and move us headlong to it, so that they seem to be in us, what the Devils were in the herd of Swine; These are the wild horses that tare thy soul in so many pieces; Thus our gold is become dross.