A treatise of original sin ... proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.


They readily receive the Devils Temptations.

LAstly, In that they are so readily receptive of the Devils temptations. Herein doth appear the pollution of them; The Devil did not more powerfully possess the bodies of some men, then he doth the affections of men by nature; Are not all those delusions in religious wayes, and in superstitious wayes, because the Devil is in the affections? Hath not the Devil exalted much error, and much fals-worship by such who have been very affectionate? Many eminent persons for a while in Religion, as Tertullian, have greatly apostatized from the truth, by be∣ing too credulous to such women who have great affections in Religion; So that it is very sad to consider, how greatly our very affections in religious things may be abused, how busie the Devil is to tempt such above all into errour, because they will do him the more service; affections being among other powers of the soul like fire among the elements; They are the Chariot-wheels of the soul, and there∣fore the more danger of them, if running into a false way. The Devil hath his false joy, his false sorrow, and by these he doth detain many in false and damna∣ble wayes: Hence the Scripture observeth the subtilty of the Devils instruments, false teachers, how busie they are to pervert women, as being more affectionate, and so the easilier seduced, Matth 23. 14. The Pharisees devoured widows hous∣es by their seeming devotions. Thus false teachers (1 Tim. 3. 6.) did lead captive filly women; by which it appeareth how dangerous our affections are, what strong impressions Satan can make upon them; So that it is hard to say whether the De∣vils kingdome be more promoted by the subtilty of learned men, or the affections of weak men.