A treatise of original sin ... proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.
¶. 2.
The Corruption of the Will in its general Act, which is called Vo∣lition.

FIrst therefore, Let us begin with the general act, which is called Volition, the bare willing of a thing, which you heard, was either conditional and imper∣fect, or efficacious; for the former kind, How much corruption is there in the will, and that both about sin, and also about good? About sinne, What secret wishes and wouldings are there in a man naturally, that sinne were not sinne, Vtinan hoc non esset peccare, said he, that thy pleasures were not sinnes, that thy unlawfull profits were not sinnes, there is this secret corruption in the will, whereby it would have the nature of things changed, vice to be virtue, and virtue to be vice. Some indeed dispute, Whether there be any such actings of the will as may be called velleities, and not volitions? But experience teacheth there are, so the Apostle, Rom 9. 3. I could wish my self accursed, there is an incompleat act of the will; When the Psalmist saith, The fool hath said in his heart there is no God, Psa. 14. 4. that is in his wish, in his incompleat will; for absolutely a man cannot will that which is impossible; If then we do but ob∣serve the motions of the will in this respect, we shall find the number of these sinnes, to be like the sand upon the sea shore: Oh the many secret ungodly wishes that do by swarms rise up in thy will, which though thou takest no notice of, yet God doth and will accordingly judge thee!

As thus the will is sinfull in one way by its incompeat acts, so also when it com∣eth to what is good, when it should in a powerful, lively and efficacious manner be carried out to it, it is very remiss and languid; insomuch that they are but velleities, Page  276 they are the sluggards wishes, that desireth and yet starveth himself, because he ne∣ver putteth out his hands to work; Is not this half and faint willing of the things that are good, the root and cause of most mens destruction? Preach to them, presse them about repentance, about conversion to God, and they promise you they will do it, and God give us his grace to do it, and no more is done; whereas thou shouldst will what is good with all thy might and strength, above gold and silver, above life it self: These wishers and woulders in Religion never make true converts. But of this more in its time.