A treatise of original sin ... proving that it is, by pregnant texts of Scripture vindicated from false glosses
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.


The great Usefulnesse of the Memory.

BUt before we speak to the discovery of this Memory, it is good to take no∣tice of what use and consequence it is, that so when we shall consider the dignity and serviceablenesse of the memory, we may then bewail the sinfulnesse thereof, for when that is made sinfull, it is as if a fountain were poisoned, of which all must drink: or as the air pestilential, which all must receive in their nostrils: if the memory be corrupted then all is corrupted; Hence (as you heard) all wic∣ked men are said to forget God. Memory is of so great use, as the Heathens made Page  252 a goddesse of it, yea they make it to be the mother of the Muses of all Arts, of all Wisdome and Prudence; No tongue can either expresse the serviceable∣nesse of it, or the nature of it, not the serviceablenesse of it; For if there were no memory, there could be no discourse, no civil society; if there were no memory, a man could not take heed of any danger, or prevent any mischief; hence they attribute it to the forgetfulnesse and stupidity of the Flie, that when it is flapt off from the meat, and was in danger of death, yet it will immediately flie to it again: Thus would man without memory plunge him∣self into all misery; If there were no memory, there could be no learning, no humane sciences, for memory is made the mother of them; Yea, if there were no memory, there would be no Religion, no Worship of God, or service of him: Thus both the natural, civil and religious life of a man would be destroyed were there not a memory; So that we are infinitely bound to praise God for this power left in us, and as deeply to humble our selves, that it is so corrupted, that it cannot do its proper acts in a spiritual way at last, thereby to promote our happinesse, our memory helpeth to damn us, not to save us.