The difficulty of and the encouragements to a reformation a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at the publick fast, Septem. 27, 1643
Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664.
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TO The Honourable House OF COMMONS, Now assembled in PARLIAMENT.

Worthy Patriots,

GOD hath made you like the Brazen-Serpent; those that have been stung with the Serpents and Dragons of Rome, have look't upon you and been hea∣led. You have overcome, and slaine many Page  [unnumbered] Lyons of difficulties that have beene in the way; yea, you have found honey in them.

The Church is not in her travels and la∣bour, as those strong women of Israel, that could bring forth alone; Therefore God hath stirred you up to help her in her pangs; Bee couragious therefore, and languish not in this so great and necessary a work of Re∣formation.

All truth is sweet, even naturall truth; there∣fore the Heathens in their Sacrifice to Minerva (their Goddesse of Arts) offered honey, crying out, 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, truth is sweet; but spiri∣tuall truths are sweeter then the honey and the honey comb; And this is the truth, even that about Doctrine, Discipline, and the Worship of God, which the godly desire above all their outward advantages, And above all those works of Reformation you have in Page  [unnumbered] hand; especially provide against the generall ignorance in people by a solide and serious Catachizing; and against the prophanenesse of people by powerfull Discipline, that so the Sacraments may bee dispensed comfor∣tably. As in this Kingdome, the Lawyer, the Physitian, the Tradesman can goe com∣fortably in his calling, so provide that the Pastor also in the Dispensation of Ordinan∣ces may doe it with joy, and not with griefe; The very Heathens were carefull about their Idoll Sacrifices, Procul, O pro∣cul este prophani: And wee read in Story, that the Priest being to sacrifice, askt this question, 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉; who was there? Answer was retur∣ned, 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, good and honest men. And now in this work of Reformation, goe on exactly, consult not with flesh and blood, leave not in your Building any nailes or hookes standing out, that may teare those who goe Page  [unnumbered] by. And that God may delight in your works, labour to reform your own lives, and Families, lest you bee as the Torch or Candle that giveth light to others, but con∣sumeth it selfe.

The great God of Heaven goe along with you, strengthen, settle, and establish you.

Your humble Servant in Christ Iesus, ANTHONY BURGES.