A prophetick lampoon, made anno 1659. By his grace George Duke of Buckingham: relating to what would happen to the government under King Charles II. To the tune which no body can deny
Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of, 1628-1687.
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A Prophetick LAMPOON, Made Anno 1659.

By his Grace George Duke of Buckingham: Relating to what would happen to the GOVERNMENT under KING CHARLES II.

To the Tune Which no body can deny.

WHen Plate was at Pawn, and the Fob at an ebb,
And the Spider might weave in our Stomacks its webb,
Our Stomacks as empty as Brain,
Then CHARLES without Acre, made a Vow to his Maker,
If e're he saw England again:
I'le have a Religion, all of mine own,
Whether Papist, or Protestant, shall not be known,
But if it prove troublesome, I will have none.
I'le have a fine Parliament, alwayes to friend,
Shall fit me with Treasure, as fast as I spend,
And if they will not, they shall have an end.
I'le have as good Bishops as e're made with hands,
With Consciences flexible to my Commands,
And if they will not, I'le have all their Lands.
I'le have a fine Chancellor shall bear all the sway,
But if they do murmure, I'le take him away,
Yet bring him back agen as soon as I may.
I'le have a Privy Council shall alwayes sit still,
I'le have a fine Juncto shall do what they will,
I'le have two fine Secretary's piss thro a Quill.
I'le have a Privy Purse without controwle,
Shall alwayes wink when my Revenue is stole,
If any be question'd, I'le answer the whole.
I'le have a New London, instead of the Old,
With wide Streets, and uniform to my own Mold,
And if they build too fast, I'le soon make them hold.
I'le have a fine Son, in making tho marr'd,
Shall Reign, if not o're my Kingdoms, o're my Guard,
And shall Successor be, if not to me, to Gerrard.
But what'ere it cost me, I'le have a fine Whore,
As Bold as Alice Pierce, as Fine as Jane Shore,
And when I am weary of her, I'le have more.
My Pimp I'le make my Minister Primeir,
My Baud shall Ambassadors send far and near,
My Wench shall dispose of my Conge Deleir.
I'le have a fine Pond, with a pretty Decoy,
Where the Ducks and the Drakes, shall their Freedom enjoy,
And in their own Language, quack Vive le Roy.