Several poems compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight wherein especially is contained a compleat discourse, and description of the four elements, constitutions, ages of man, seasons of the year, together with an exact epitome of the three by a gentlewoman in New-England.
Bradstreet, Anne, 1612?-1672.

Ʋpon some distemper of body

In anguish of my heart repleat with woes,
And wasting pains, which best my body knows▪
In tossing slumbers on my wakeful bed,
Bedrencht with tears that slow'd from mournful head
Till nature had exhausted all her store,
Then eyes lay dry, disabled to weep more;
And looking up unto his Throne on high,
Who sendeth help to those in misery,
He chac'd away those clouds, and let me see
My Anchor cast i'th' vale with safety.
He eas'd my Soul of woe, my flesh of pain,
And brought me to the shore from troubled Main;
Page  239All things within this fading world hath end,
Adversity doth still our joyes a••end;
No tyes so strong no friends so dear and sweet,
But with deaths parting blow is sure to meet.
The sentence past is most irrovocable,
A common thing, yet oh inevitable,
How soon, my Dear death may my steps attend.
How soon't may be thy Lt to ose thy friend,
We both are ignorant, yet love bis me
These farewell lines to recommend to thee,
That when that knot s untye that made us one,
I may seem thine, who in effect am none.
And ill see not half my daye that's due,
What ••ture would, God grant to yours and you:
The many faults that well you know I have,
Let be inerr'd in my oblivions grave,
Many worth or virtue were in me,
Let that live freshly in thy memory
And when thou feel'st no grief, as I no harms,
Yet love thy dead, who long lay in thine arms:
And when thy loss shall be repaid with gans
Look to my little babes my dear remains▪
And if thou love thy self, or lovedst me
These O protect from step Dames injury.
And if chance to thine eyes shall bring this verse,
With some sad sighs honour my absent Herse;
And kiss this paper for thy loves dea sake,
Who with salt tears this last Farewel did take

A. B.