Several poems compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight wherein especially is contained a compleat discourse, and description of the four elements, constitutions, ages of man, seasons of the year, together with an exact epitome of the three by a gentlewoman in New-England.
Bradstreet, Anne, 1612?-1672.

Darius Codomanus.

Darius by this Bagoas set in throne,
(Complotter with him in the murther done)
And was no sooner setled in his reign,
But Bagoas falls to's practices again,
And the same sauce had served him no doubt,
But that his troason timely was found out.
And so this wretch (a punishment too small)
Lost but his life for horrid treasons all.
This Codomanus now upon the stage
Was to his Predecessors Chamber pag••
Some write great Cyrus line was not 〈◊〉 run,
But from some daughter this new king was sprung
Page  124If so, or not, we cannot tell, but find
That several men will have their several mind;
Yet in such differences we may be bold,
With learned and udicious still to hold;
And this 'mongst all's no Controverred thing,
That this Dari•• was last Persian King,
Whose Wars, and losses we may better tell,
In Alexnder's reign who did him quell,
How from the top of worlds felicity,
He fell to depth of greatest misery.
Whose honours, treasures, pleasures had short stay,
One deluge came and swept them all away,
And in the sixth year of his hapless reign,
Of all did scarce his winding Sheet retain:
And last a sad Catastrophe to end,
Him to the grave did Traitor Bessus send.