A free enquiry into the vulgarly receiv'd notion of nature made in an essay address'd to a friend
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.
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A FREE ENQUIRY Into the Vulgarly Receiv'd NOTION OF NATURE; Made in an ESSAY, Address'd to a FRIEND.

By R. B. Fellow of the Royal Society.

Audendum est, & veritas investiganda; quam etiamsi non assequamur, omnino tamen propius, quam nunc sumus, ad eam perveni∣emus.



Carolus Alston, R. P. D. Hen. Episc.

Lond. à Sacris, Jan. 29. 1685.

LONDON, Printed by H. Clark, for Iohn Taylor at the Globe in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1685/6.