Manifest truth, or, An inversion of truths manifest containing a narration of the proceedings of the Scottish army, and a vindication of the Parliament and kingdome of England from the false and injurious aspersions cast on them by the author of the said manifest.
Bowles, Edward, 1613-1662.
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WHereas it may be said that this labour might have bin spared, in regard of the Censure adjudged by Parliament to Truths Manifest; I answer, that there is as much difference betwixt a Censure and an Answer, as be∣twixt the offence in writing the Booke, and the hurt done by spreading it. The Parliament have taken just notice of the fault, but have not thereby prevented the mischiefe; for since the Author was call'd in question, the book hath been studiously dispersed, and (as I beleeve) reprinted, and hath found some Readers so confident, as to say, that the book was censured, because it could not be answered, the contrary of which doth now appeare.