Pandaemonium, or, The devil's cloyster being a further blow to modern sadduceism, proving the existence of witches and spirits, in a discourse deduced from the fall of the angels, the propagation of Satans kingdom before the flood, the idolatry of the ages after greatly advancing diabolical confederacies, with an account of the lives and transactions of several notorious witches : also, a collection of several authentick relations of strange apparitions of dæmons and spectres, and fascinations of witches, never before printed
Bovet, Richard, b. ca. 1641.
Page  227

The thirteenth Relation.

A Relation of a Gentleman that was cruelly Murthered by Witches, who made his Image of Wax, and stuck pins therein, April 78. where∣by he was miserably tormented, and died the Summer following.

IN the West of Scotland, an Honou∣rable Gentleman, Sir —Max∣well of Pollock, was taken with a grie∣vous distemper, which by the vehe∣mency of the Pain, hindred him from taking any rest, attended with con∣tinual sweating, through the vehemen∣cy of the Agony. His Pain resembled that which is caused by Punction, as if he had had so many Pins stuck in his side, but more vehement than a Pain excited by that can be conceived to be▪ Several Physicians were imployed to search into the Cause thereof, but none could find it out; nor could procure him ease by any Remedies: so that he y Page  228 in a comfortless Condition, expecting nothing, but to be racked with insup∣portable Tortures, till that long'd for Remedy, Death, should come. While he lay in this miserable Torment, it happened that a Woman (then pre∣tending to be dumb) entred his House; and pointing to the Chamber where he was lying, made signs to those that were at that time in his House, to follow her out of doors; they at first took no notice of her, but she per∣sisting therein, they went out with her, to see if they could understand her meaning. She led them into a House adjacent (a Tenant of this distressed Gentleman▪s,) and having entred the House, she gave signs to them to open a Chest there; whereupon they de∣sired the Woman of the House to open the Chest, that they might satis∣fy their Curiosity in so far humouring her. The Woman conscious of her own Guilt, refused; whereupon they beginning to suspect there was more then ordinary in it, that made her so averse from it, broke it open, which when they had done, they found there∣in an Image of Wax, which they took out, and found a great many Pins stuck in the same side of it, as the Page  229 Gentlemans Pain held him in his. They took out the Pins, and afterwards returning to the House, they asked the Gentleman how he found himself; who answered that he was altogether eased of his pain, and in a very good condi∣tion. Then they took the Pins, and stuck in the other side of the Image, when immediately the Gentleman cry∣ed out of a pain that had seized him on his other side, as vehement as the former was. They took them out again, and he was eased as formerly. The Witch was had before a Justice, but I never heard that she was further troubled, whether for that that was not sufficient proof in Law to take away her life, or for some other reason I know not. The pretended dumb Woman was af∣terwards seized, and imprisoned at Glasgow, where she pretended to reco∣ver the use of her Tongue, and spoke, whereas before she seemed to be dumb. Several strange things were reported of her there; which being variously reported, I would not trouble the Rea∣der with a Relation thereof; mentio∣ning nothing herein but what I know to be of undoubted truth, and what was acknowledged by all. After she had been kept there for two or three Page  230 weeks, she was transported to Edin∣burgh, and put in the Cannon-gate Pri∣son, where she remained above half a year. She was several times had be∣fore the Council, and examined. A great many Persons out of Curiosity visited her, some of whom had better kept away; for if they were guilty of Love Intrigues, she used sufficiently to expose them, sparing neither Quality nor Sex. When any questioned how she came by that Knowledge, and charged her with having correspondence with the Devil, she made answer in the words of our Saviour; If Satan cast out Satan, how can his Kingdom stand? Denying that she had any Compact with the Devil, but affirming that it was a gift she had from her Birth. She was set at liberty, after having been a considerable time in Prison. But the Gentleman after her seizure, was taken with the same distemper, and died thereof.