Anatomia sambuci, or, The anatomy of the elder cutting out of it plain, approved, and specific remedies for most and chiefest maladies : confirmed and cleared by reason, experience, and history
Blochwitz, Martin.

Take of the recent Flowers lib. 1. let them macerate 12 hours in lib. 6. of warm fountain water; having exprest and strained the liquor, put in again recent flowers, yea do it the third time. Add four ounces of the whitest Page  19 Sugar to each five ounces of the li∣quor that is last strained, boyle them up to a Syrup according to art.

But if in place of the Sugar you add the same quantity of Honey, and boyle it to a fitting consistence, you have Mel Sambucinum, which is commen∣ded by some.