Blagraves astrological practice of physick discovering the true way to cure all kinds of diseases and infirmities ... being performed by such herbs and plants which grow within our own nation ... : also a discovery of some notable phylosophical secrets worthy our knowledge, relating to a discovery of all kinds of evils, whether natural or ... from sorcery or witchcraft, or by being possessed of an evil spirit, directing how to cast forth the said evil spirit out of any one which is possessed, with sundry examples thereof
Blagrave, Joseph, 1610-1682.
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Here followeth some notable Philosophical Se∣crets worthy our Knowledge.

How by the Magnet of ones Body to extract a Spiritual Mummy whereby to cure most Diseases incident unto the body of Man: It being done either by semi∣naion or transplantation hereof into a growing vegi∣table, as followeth.

THe Magnet of ones body is the Dung or Excreement, which must be dryed seven or nine days in the shade, and kept from wet This Magnet thus prepared must be laid unto that part of the body, which doth naturally e∣vacuate by sweat from the vital or natural part of the body de∣fective But if we make a general medicine, then the Mag∣net must be applyed unto all parts, which doth naturally eva∣cuate by sweat. This Magnet must be so prepared, that we may transplant the same, when the Moon increaseth, and if she apply from that planet, which is Lord of the Ascendant of the patient, or from the planet afflicting unto one of the fortunes, 'twil work the stronger, provided that the fortune, which the Moon applyeth unto be antipathetical unto the affli∣cting planet; as if Mars be the afflicting planet then let the Moon apply unto Venus, if Saturn afflicts then unto Ju∣piter, if the Lord of the ascendant or the afflicting planet be a fortune, then let the Moon apply unto the other for∣tune, the manner how to transplant the imbibed Magnet whereby to cure by semination is, as followeth. Take the imbibed Magnet, and mix it with a reasonable quantity of earth, and then sow in it such seeds of herbs, which are proper to cure the infirmity, which this book will suffici∣ently instruct you in, let the earth thus mingled be placed in as fruitful a place as conveniently you can, that it may grow the better, you must sometimes more especially when the Moon is in Conjunction, Trine, or Sextile of the Sun or one of the fortunes, mix the patients water with some of their excrements▪ and so water the seeds, but you must not do it too often, once a week will be enough, for fear you should destroy the seed, for the rain and other fertile waters will be most proper and natural to make it grow.

Page  158There is yet another way, by me used, which is to take the imbibed earth, prepared as aforesaid: And having a plant, which either by sympathy or antipathy is most rational to cure the infirmity taken up clean with its root, place it in∣to the imbibed earth, and so water it as aforesaid: Both ways are effectual to cure if rightly ordered. Lastly, when you find that by semination, or transplantation, the grief is chang∣ed into a 〈◊〉, we must do as followeth; If the disease be dry, and of a combust nature, as the yellow jaundies or the like; then you must take the herbs or plants with its earth and cast them into running water: If the disease be of moi∣sture, then burn the earth and plants. If the grief be aiery, then hang the earth and plants in the smoke to dry, and the Patient will be firmly cured.