Blagraves astrological practice of physick discovering the true way to cure all kinds of diseases and infirmities ... being performed by such herbs and plants which grow within our own nation ... : also a discovery of some notable phylosophical secrets worthy our knowledge, relating to a discovery of all kinds of evils, whether natural or ... from sorcery or witchcraft, or by being possessed of an evil spirit, directing how to cast forth the said evil spirit out of any one which is possessed, with sundry examples thereof
Blagrave, Joseph, 1610-1682.

The way to cure both Witchcraft and Sorcery, common∣ly called Evils or Takes.

HAving by a figure discovered under what planet the Pa∣tient is afflicted, and in what part of the body the grief or pain lyeth; whether outward in any limb or part of the body, or throughout the whole body, as it will sometimes fall out when the Nerves or Arteries are oppressed, proceeding from the heart and brain, or whether inward in the bowels, guts, liver, lungs, heart, breast, or stomack; or be it what Page  156 other disease or distemper whatsoever, for as I have already declared there is no disease or distemper whatsoever, but may be brought upon man or beast by witchcraft and Sorcery, as I have already in several examples demonstrated: If the grief, pain, or distemper, be in the outward parts, limbs, or members of the body, then the cure must be by bathes and ointments made antipathetical unto the afflicting planets; As instance if Saturn be the afflicting planet, then herbs must be used under the Sun and Jupiter. If Mars be the afflicting planet, then herbs must be used under the dominion of the Sun and Venus: Alwayes provided that the herbs be gathered at the right planetary hours, according unto their virtues and numbers: If the rief lieth inward at the breast, stomach, and heart, then you must chuse such herbs, which are under the dominion of that planet, which is antipathetical unto the af∣flicting planet, and are good to open obstructions, and to comfort the heart and arteries, ever remembring in all cures to use a select number of herbs, under the dominion of the Sun, in regard he governeth the heart and is fountain of life, ad sole Monarch of the heavens. It the grief lie in the bow∣els and guts, then sometimes glisters must he used made with such herbs especially which are good to expel poyson, being under the dominion of Sol, which this book will sufficiently in∣struct you in, together with such herbs, which are of a contrary nature, unto the afflicting planet, but if the afflicting planet is more strong than the planet which is a contrary nature, then you must chuse a small select number of herbs of his own na∣ture, which are good to cure the infirmity, and mix them with the other herbs before mentioned, concerning the way to make glisters, bathes, oyls, decoctions, or diet drinks, and what else is meet to be used in all cures whatsoever, I have already elsewhere in this book expressed.

Note. That in the curing of all kinds of evils, I do usually cause the patients to wear a select number of solary herbs ga∣thered at the hour of the Sun, the reasons I have shewed else∣where in this book. I could have been more copious in setting forth the way of curing both witchcraft and sorcery, but that I have sufficiently treated thereof in the way of cu∣ring all kinds of evils before mentioned, for I conceive, that generally those evils before mentioned, came from witch∣craft and Sorcery, onely some particular evils may proceed from some extraordinary distemper of the nerves as I have elsewhere expressed with the reasons thereof,