Blagraves astrological practice of physick discovering the true way to cure all kinds of diseases and infirmities ... being performed by such herbs and plants which grow within our own nation ... : also a discovery of some notable phylosophical secrets worthy our knowledge, relating to a discovery of all kinds of evils, whether natural or ... from sorcery or witchcraft, or by being possessed of an evil spirit, directing how to cast forth the said evil spirit out of any one which is possessed, with sundry examples thereof
Blagrave, Joseph, 1610-1682.
Page  154

Here followeth some experimental Rules, whereby to af∣flict the Witch, causing the evil to return back upon them.

1. ONe way is by watching the suspected party, when they go into their house; And then presently to take some of her thatch from over the door, or a tile, if the House be tyled; if it be thatch you must wet and sprinkle it over with the patients water, and likewise with white salt, then let it burn or smoke through a trivet, or the frame of a skillet: you must bury the ashes that way, which the suspect∣ed Witch liveth. Its best done either at the change, full, or quarters of the Moon: Or otherwise, when the Witches sig∣nificator is in Square or Opposition to the Moon. But if the Witches house be tiled, then take a tile from over the door, heat him red hot, put salt into the patients water, and dash it upon the red hot tile, until it be consumed, and let it smoke through a trivet or frame of a skillet, as aforesaid.

2. Another way is to get two new horseshooes, heat one of them red hot, and quench him in the patients urine, then immediately nail him on the inside of the threshold of the door with three nailes, the heel being upwards: then hav∣ing the patients urine set it over the fire, and set a trivet over it, put into it three horse nails, and a little white salt: Then heat the other horshooe red hot, and quench him seve∣rall times in the urine, and so let it boil and waste until all be consumed; do this three times and let it be near the change, full, or quarters of the Moon; or let the Moon be in Square or Opposition unto the Witches Significator

3. Another way is to stop the urine of the Patient, close up in a bottle, and put into it three nails, pins, or needles, with a little white Salt, keeping the urine alwayes warm: If you let it remain long in the bottle, it will endanger the witches life: for I have found by experience, that they will be grievously tormented making their water with great diffi∣culty, if any at all, and the more if the Moon be in Scorpio in Square or Opposition to his Significator, when its done.

4. Another way is either at the new, full, or quarters of the moon; but more especially, when the Moon is in Square or Opposition to the Planet, which doth personate the Witch, to let the patient blood, and while the blood is warm, put a little white salt into it, then let it burn and smoke through a trivet, I conceive this way doth more afflict the Witch, Page  155 then any of the other three before mentioned by reason the blood hath more life in it then the urine; for the urine is ac∣counted, but as the excrement of blood: The reason why the Witch is tormented, when the blood or urine of the patient is burned, is because there is part of the vital spirit of the Witch in it, for such is the subtlety of the Devil, that he will not suffer the Witch to infuse any poysonous matter into the body of man or beast, without some of the Witches blood mingled with it, as appeareth by the whey before mentioned. For 'tis the Devils policy, either by this means to detect them or otherwise by torment to bring them unto their ends: for the devil well knoweth, that when the blood or urine of the patient is burned, that the Witch will be afflicted, and then they will desire to come to the place, for to get ease, for by the smell thereof, their pain is mitigated by sympathy; even as by sympathy, when the blood and urine is burning, they are tormented, yet sometimes they, will rather indure the misery of it than appear, by reason country people oft times will fall upon them, and scratch and abuse them shrewdly. I conceive the onely reason the devil doth suck the Witches blood is mearly to detect them, or otherwise one way or o∣ther to bring them to their ends, and sometimes they are di∣scovered by their tet, at which place the Devil usually suck∣eth their blood, whereby to mix with the poison, which they by their wicked ways do infuse into the body of man or beast, and so infect them. I do find by practice and ex∣perience that few or none are bewitched by Image or Moddel alone, but that there is Sorcery wrought with it for other∣wise the burning of the blood or urine of the patient could no way afflict them in any sympathetick way, as aforesaid; having by the rules aforegoing set forth the way, how to af∣flict the Witch. I shall in the next place discover the general way of cure.