New England judged, not by man's, but the spirit of the Lord: and the summe sealed up of New-England's persecutions being a brief relation of the sufferings of the people called Quakers in those parts of America from the beginning of the fifth moneth 1656 (the time of their first arrival at Boston from England) to the later end of the tenth moneth, 1660 ...
Bishop, George, d. 1668.
Page  175

A Few Words to the KING, and both Houses of PARLIAMENT, and the Rulers and People of these Nations, as a WARNING from the LORD.

AND now, Ye Inhabitants of these Nations, Ye Princes and Rulers thereof, and Thou King CHARLES, and Thy Two Houses of Parliament; be ye all warned in the Word of the Lord, Whose Word and Warning it is, how ye tread the steps of these, or of the Men that have gone before you; Medling with Conscience (the Dominion of God) Persecuting Men for their Conscience to God, and causing them to suffer for their Consciences, as hath been in these Nations; For if you do, and Forget the Lord, and be Unmindful of Him that formed you, of the Rock that begat you; who hath done great Things for you, and Wonderful Things and Terrible, and change your Glory into the Similitude of an Oxe that eateth Grass, and persecute His People, Who are Innocent as to you, and have suffered with you, and Desire your Welfare; Against whom ye have no occasion of fault but as to the Law of their God, which they may not transgress, lest Evil come upon them from the Lord, and his Hand be upon them. Who are Meek and Patient, and Re∣sist not Evil, because of Him that said it; but bear All things, and suffer all things; and you have tryed, and found it so, as have those that went before you; whom the Lord hath Plucked up much because of what was done unto them; of which they were warned in the Day of their Deliverance, which was fulfilled upon Them; (viz.) That which they were warned of, as of that which should come if they took not Warning; And hath made way for you, and hath done for you as it is at this Day, beyond what ye could ask or think, Without your Sword or Bow, or Spear, or your Habergeon; When your Hopes were almost gone, and you were Disappointed in your Stratagems, and Overthrown in your Power, and even at a stand to Consider, Whether ever a Return of your Captivity should be? Which He hath turned again as the Streams in the South; and you are as it were in a Dream, now, that the Lord hath turned Page  176 again your Captivity, and as those who are so filled with the Appre∣hension of the thing they have, and which they long desired to enjoy, and were long kept out of, that they are in Doubt whether it be a Dream or the Thing. Thus hath the Lord done for you, and He that hath done it can undo it again, and overturn you, as He hath done them that have gone before you, and that without Sword or Spear, even by the Spirit of the Lord; Who hath moved Me to write to You, and to warn you of these things; For if you do (as from the Mouth of the Lord I have said) and meddle with Con∣science (the Dominion of God) and impose upon it in Matters of Religion (the Worship of God, who will be worshipped in Spirit and Truth, and the Father seeketh such to worship Him, who is Lord of the Conscience) and so intrench upon his Domini∣on, which is an Everlasting Dominion, and His Kingdom which shall never have end; His Hand will be against you, and* his Fury will come upon you, and He will visit you; and your Day He will turn into Night, and your Joy into Sorrow, and your Re∣joycing into Heaviness; and you shall know that the Most High ruleth in the Kingdom of Men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will. So in Bowels of Love, and Tenderness of Heart, as One that desires your Prosperity for ever, and the Wel-being of you, and your Posterity after you, I beseech you take heed of striking against the Rock of Ages, or medling with His Kingdom, which is an Everlasting Kingdom, or with His Dominion, which is for ever and ever, or persecuting His People; for if ye do, Know assu∣redly from the Lord, It will dash you to Pieces; and by how much the more his Kindness hath exceeded towards you, will be your Judgment. Therefore, my dear Friends, Take heed what ye do; be Advised and Cool; Refuse not the Counsel of One that is your Friend; On whom the sence of these things lies, Who would not have God your Enemy; Who would have it well with you; For here have splitted All that have gone before you, and here You will be split, the Lord hath spoken it. And so I have Discharged my Conscience of what the Lord hath laid on Me; and manifested my Love and Good-will to You: If ye take it well, it will be the better for you; if otherwise, I am Clear.

Bristol,11th day, 4th Month, 1661.