New England judged, not by man's, but the spirit of the Lord: and the summe sealed up of New-England's persecutions being a brief relation of the sufferings of the people called Quakers in those parts of America from the beginning of the fifth moneth 1656 (the time of their first arrival at Boston from England) to the later end of the tenth moneth, 1660 ...
Bishop, George, d. 1668.
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Page  [unnumbered] New England Judged, Not by Man's, but the Spirit of the LORD: And The SUMME sealed up of NEW-ENGLAND'S PERSECUTIONS.

Being A Brief Relation of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers in those Parts of AMERICA, from the beginning of the Fifth Moneth 1656. (the time of their first Arrival at BOSTON from ENGLAND) to the later end of the Tenth Moneth, 1660.

Wherein The Cruel Whippings and Scourgings, Bonds and Imprisonments, Beat∣ings and Chainings, Starvings and Huntings, Fines and Confiscati∣on of Estates, Burning in the Hand and Cutting of Ears, Orders of Sale for Bond-men, and Bond-women, Banishment upon pain of Death, and Putting to Death of those People, are Shortly touched; With a Relation of the Manner, and Some of the Other most Ma∣terial Proceedings; and a Judgement thereupon.

In Answer To a Certain Printed Paper, Intituled, A DECLARATION of the General Court of the Massachusets holden at Boston, the 18. October, 1658. Apologizing for the same.


Therefore, also, saith the Wisdom of God, I will send them Prophets, and Apostles, and some of them they shall slay and Persecute, That the Blood of all the Prophets that was shed from the Foundation of the World, may be required of this Generation, From the Blood of Abel, to the Blood of Zecharias, which perished between the Temple and the Altar. Verily, I say unto you, it shall be required of this Generation.

London, Printed for Robert Wilson, in Martins Le Grand, 1661.