The Psalmes of David from the new translation of the Bible turned into meter to be sung after the old tunes used in the churches : unto which are newly added the Lord's prayer, the Creed, the Ten commandments, with some other ancient hymnes.
King, Henry, 1592-1669.


THe Heavens high declare the fame
Of God, who did them frame.
One day another tels, and night
His wonders doth recite.
They have no language, yet they teach,
Without or tongue, or speech:
And through the earth their sound is gone
To every Nation.
God in the Circle of those spheares
A Tabernacle reares;
Page  30 In which the swift, unweary'd Sun
His daily course may run.
Who, as a Bridegroome freshly deckt,
Doth on the world reflect:
And, as a Giant strong in might,
Darts forth his piercing light.
He breaking from the Easterne skies
Doth from his Chambers rise:
And till his beames declining set,
Nothing can shun his heat.
Gods Law is incorrupt, and whole;
Converting every Soule.
His faithfull promise never dies;
And makes the simple wise.
The Statutes of the Lord are right,
And drooping hearts delight.
Both pure, and perfect, His command
Gives light to understand.
Most unpolluted is His feare,
Eternall, and sincere.
The judgments of the Lord are fixt;
With Truth and Justice mixt.
More to be wish'd then golden mines,
When them the test refines:
Page  31 And more then hony that distills,
The mouth with sweetnessefills.
By These Thy servant warned is,
Oft as he goes amisse:
Which yeeld a plentifull reward
To all that Them regard.
Who knowes how often he offends?
How far his sin extends?
Lord cleanse my Soule from crimes conceal'd,
To none but Thee reveal'd.
Keep me, that no presumptuous staine
May ore Thy Servant reigne.
Then shall I walke in innocence,
Free from the great offence.
O Lord! my only strength and tow'r,
Who sav'st me by Thy pow'r;
Let all my words, and thoughts, by Thee
Heard, and accepted be.