Tes iatrikes kartos, or, A treatise de morborum capitis essentiis & pronosticis adorned with above three hundred choice and rare observations ...
Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629.

CAP. VI. De Hydrocephalo.

〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, seu Hydrops capitis, is a swelling of the head, arising from the collection of some serous or wheyish humour in some one part Page  12 or other of the members that constitute the head.

Affectus curationem recipit, si aqua extra crani∣um contineatur. Si verò intra (inter cranium, piam & duram matrem) collecta sit, plerum{que} incurabilis est Hydrocephalus. If an Apoplexie or a Lethar∣gy seize upon the party, death suddenly follows.

Petrus Forestus, in one of his Observations, tells us, how he cured a little Infant newly born with a mighty swelling in his head, by an Ointment which consisted ex pulvere origani, chamo∣millae, absinthii, ana ʒ iii. pulv. myrtil. ros. rub. meliloti, ana, ʒ ii. olei chamomil. q. s. ad incor∣porationem, cum pauco butyro, & cera adjecta fiebat unguentum. After unction there was cast on a pow∣der framed ex myrtillis, ros. cinnamomo, caryophillis, & chamomilla; quibus infans curatus est.

Many children have been cured by the use of that Liniment set down in meo Enchiridio Medico, lib. 3. pag. 276. Yea Amatus Lusitanus writes, that an Infant taken with the Hydrocephalus was cured therewith in three dayes.

Moreover, in the forementioned page of my Enchiridion, there is another excellent Liniment, consisting of oyl of Chamomil and Brimstone in powder; which Placentinus did use with most hap∣py success. Also Forestus declares, how a little in∣fant was cured therewith: The childes head was besmeared twice in a day with the Liniment warm, by the space of a moneth; which being done, warm and dry wool was applied to his head Page  13 untill he had recovered his health.

Fabricius saith, that in the greatest swelling of the head, the water of quick lime (abjectâ calce) is a most effectual remedy, if a spunge be dipped therein, and applied warm; ac hoc solo remedio se hydrocephalum curasse scribit.