Tes iatrikes kartos, or, A treatise de morborum capitis essentiis & pronosticis adorned with above three hundred choice and rare observations ...
Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629.

CAP. LXIX. De Nomis, seu ulceribus depascentibus.

〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, seu ulcera depascentia, are malicious and painful Ulcers, attended with a Fever, which in time doth gnaw and consume the parts, next adjoyning to the eyes, as the muscles and eye-lids, beginning partly at the Corners, partly at the white of the eye, and sometimes at the Horney membrane.

Page  109If the veins and Arteries of the temples seem very full, it will be most expedient to let them bleed: To the forehead and temples may be ap∣plied an emplaister made of Emplastrum contra rupturam, Unguentum Comitissae, & desiccativum rubrum mixed together: And for the eye, you may use the Collyrium set down in the former Chapter.

I have sometimes used aqua spermatis rana∣rum, which is very powerful to stay and over∣come the evill and spreading nature of the hu∣mour.