Tes iatrikes kartos, or, A treatise de morborum capitis essentiis & pronosticis adorned with above three hundred choice and rare observations ...
Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629.
Page  90

CAP. LI. De Trichiasi, & Phalangosi.

〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉 is, when preternatural hairs grow up under the natural hair, and pointing in∣wardly do prick the Tunicles of the eyes.

Some, to cure this malady, pull away the hairs with pincers, and then apply such medicines as may stay them from growing again: Of this sort are Ants eggs, the gall of a Calf, the blood of all sorrs of Frogs: Amongst other, this of Archi∣genes is praised wonderfully, which is made of the blood and gall of an Hedg-hog, with Castoreum in equal proportion.

Other sear the hairs to the roots with an iron made for that purpose; but this may be more safely done in the following malady.

〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, is when (the eye-lids turning in∣ward) the hairs appear not unless the eye-lids be lifted up.