Tes iatrikes kartos, or, A treatise de morborum capitis essentiis & pronosticis adorned with above three hundred choice and rare observations ...
Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629.

CAP. XXXII. De Spasmo, seu Convulsione.

〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉seu Convulsio, A Spasm, or Convul∣sion, is an involuntary, perpetual, and pain∣ful retraction (or drawing back) of the Muscles towards the place of their original, and first begin∣ning, arising from the abbreviation and short∣ning of the nervous (or sinewy) parts, which is evermore attended and followed with a Rigor or extream stiffness, and a depravation of the fi∣gure, Page  62 shape, and symmetry of the foresaid parts. Spasmus 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, à trahendo dicitur, deducto nomine ab ipso. symptomate.

A Convulsion coming of too much bleeding, or purging, especially with Hellebor, is deadly. Lethalis etiam est, si Convulsio post phrenitidem ex∣oritur: Aetius affirmeth, that he never heard of, or saw, any so taken, that recovered. It is better that a Fever follow a Convulsion, than a Con∣vulsion a Fever; febris enim convulsioni superve∣nions illius causam absumit: But a Convulsion coming upon a Fever shews a malignant matter, quae periculum minatur. Convulsio ex vulnere, ce∣rebri praesertim, lethalis est; by reason of a filthy, stinking, and corrupt matter, vellicating, and pul∣ling the nerves: If those parts only are surprized and seized that are remote from the brain, there is good hope of cure. Convulsio à siccitate con∣firmata lethalis est.

A certain young man had a Convulsion, so that he tould not bend his back-bone. By the help of this following Medicament, he could present∣ly walk nimbly.

Butyri rancid. & lardi veteris, ana, ℥ iv. Bdellii, ammoniaci, ana, ℥ i. Myrrhae, castorei, ana, ʒ iii. Flor. staechad. anthos, ana, p. i. nucis mos∣chatae & garyophyl. ana, ʒ i. catum parvum ex∣enteratum, excoriatum, & in frusta concisum. Stop the belly of a Goose with these things, sew it up, and rost it on a spit; and the first li∣quor Page  63 that drops, cast away, the next save in a dripping-pan, half full of Vinegar, to annoint the cramped, or convulsed back: Remedium est di∣vinum.

A certain Gentlewoman grievously afflicted with the contraction of the Leg, was helped by the use of the following Unguent: ℞ Olei Cha∣momelini, lumbricorum, castorei, ana, ℥ i. pingue∣dinis gallinae, anseris. ana, ℥. ss. unguenti dial∣thaeae, ℥ ii. succ. è fol. cochlear. becabung. nastur. aquat. ana, ℥ i. cerae, q. s. Fiat unguentum. This proved excellent, for in three days space he was able to walk with a staff.

Another woman, suddenly taken with a Con∣vulsion of the face and eyes, with loss of speech, was helped by this following mixture. ℞ Casto∣rei, ʒ i. succi rutae cochlearium, aquae salviae, ℥ ii. syrupi artemisiae, ℥ i. misce. She was constrained to take it, within the space of few minutes, she both spake, and stood up.

A lusty girl, four years old, taken with Con∣vulsion fits, I thus helped:

Castorei contusi, ℈. ss. rhabarbari electi, ʒ. ss. foeniculi dulc. ℈ i. decocti communis, ℥ i. ss. Fiat infusio: In qua dissolve syrupi de rhabarba∣ro, ℥. ss. She took half at night about ten, and the rest in the morning about 7. It gave five or six stools; the night following she had this: ℞ La∣pidis Bezoardici orientalis, gr. ii. aquae cerasorum nigrorum dulcium cochlearium; misce. She slept Page  64 very well all night, and the fits returned no more.

A Lad, ten years old, taken with a most dread∣ful Epileptick Convulsion, was helped chiefly by the use of these following prescriptions: ℞ Dia∣carthami, ℥ ss. syrupi rosarum sol. ℥ i. aquae beto∣nicae, ℥ ss. misce. This was given him about the evening, because in the morning he had his fits; he was well purged in the night: Afterwards there was given to him Ol. succini, & spirit. vi∣txioli, ana, gut. v. in aqua betonicae: After this his fits were more light, although somewhat more frequent: Lastly, there was given him this Po∣tion: ℞ Aquarum theriac. Bauderon. Cardui be∣nedicti, Scordii, ana, ℥ i. Salis Cardui benedicti ℈ i. Confectionis Alkerm. ʒ i. misce, & fiat potio: By help whereof all Convulsions were taken away. Next follow those symptomes that hurt the Internal senses, the Reason and Motion, together with the External senses.