Tes iatrikes kartos, or, A treatise de morborum capitis essentiis & pronosticis adorned with above three hundred choice and rare observations ...
Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629.

CAP. XIV. De Vigiliis nimiis.

VIgiliae praeter naturam, Watchings preter∣natural, are; The exercise and wearying Page  25 of the common sense, and the external (likewise) beyond a due and fit measure; arising from the continual uninterrupted influx of the Spirits in∣to the Organs.

Vigiliae si longo tempore durant, aegrum in pessi∣mas aegritudines deducunt, in maniam, melan∣choliam, phrenitidem, febrem acutam, hecti∣cam, & interdum ad cachexiam: Et si perse∣veraverint, aeger tandem moritur. We finde by experience that much watching hurts the tem∣perature of the brain, weakens the senses, wastes the spirits, breeds crudities, heaviness of the head, falling away of the flesh, and leanness over all the body. In senio, teste Avicenna, & ex pituita salsa, nitrosa, vix curationem recipit. If watchings have their original from internal causes, the cure is difficult. Si à vigiliis nimiis tussis proveniat, malum. Siccitatem enim organis respirationis communicari significat. If watchings bring a con∣vulsion, or delirium, on the Patient, it is evill. Nam vehementem exiccationem, & facultatis ani∣malis debilitatem significant. Corpora vigiliis as∣sueta minus laeduntur.

The cure consists, First, in removing of the causes that occasion and produce those watch∣ings. Secondly, In procuring sleep, either by cooling Cephalicks outwardly applied, or in∣wardly given, or else by Narcoticks.

I knew a Gentlewoman, that could seldome or never rest well, unless she took over-night, a∣bout Page  26 bed-time, the quantity of one drachm and half, or two drachms of Diascordium: Some∣times she would take a spoonful of the syrup of Poppies; and if she rested not in an hour or two, she would then take another, and so a third, if need did require.

Many I have cured of this affect, onely with that Apozem and Unguent described in the First Chapter, De intemperie cerebri, in Domini Sindal curatione.