Tes iatrikes kartos, or, A treatise de morborum capitis essentiis & pronosticis adorned with above three hundred choice and rare observations ...
Bayfield, Robert, b. 1629.

CAP. CXXVI. De Uvulae, seu Columellae Relaxatione.

UVulae, seu Columellae Relaxatio, The Re∣laxation of the Uvula, or Columella, is the preternatural swelling, or extension thereof, (without any inflammation, redness, or pain) a∣rising for the most part from a Phlegmatick or waterish humor, transmitted from the Brain to that part, and there extending it oft-times into an extraordinary length, even the upper part of the Oesophagus, or Wezand; whence follows a nauseousness and difficulty of swallowing, with a troublesome Titillation or tickling.

This disease in the beginning is easily help∣ed; but if it continue long it will hardly be cured, by any other means than Chirurge∣rie.

That which is here of singular benefit is, a new laid Egg, boiled unto a hardness, cut through the midst, and for some hours ap∣plied to the crown of the head: Pulvis ex alu∣minis usti, ʒ ii. rosarum rubr. balaust. corticis granat. ana, dr. s. rad. bistortae, tormentillae, gallarum immaturarum, ireos Florent. ana, dr. s. Page  186 Compositus, & post adstringentis gargarismi usum insufflatus.

As touching manual operation or section, which is the last remedy; We have an example of the good success thereof in Amatus Lusita∣nus, Obs. 65. Cent. 3. who had his Uvula hung down like a thong, long, and without blood in it; which when Medicines could not cure, he cut off, and after touching the part with a lit∣tle Spirit of Vitriol, he cured the Patient. And so you see that if the Uvula be long and white, or, as Hippocrates saith, small at the top, it may then be safely cut off: But take heed you cut cut off too much, for then the voice and breath∣ing will be hurt. Plura de Columella relaxata vide in meo Enchiridio Med. lib. 3. cap. 26.