The nonconformists advocate, or, A farther account of their judgment in certain things in which they are misunderstood written principally in vindication of A letter from a minister to a person of quality, shewing some reasons for his nonconformity, modesty answering the exceptions of two violent opposers of the said reasons.
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.


PAge, 8. The four last lines must not be read. p. 15. l. 3. quae ta∣les, r. quâ tales, p. 51. l. 13. after the word likewise the word is must be put in, p. 53. l. 20. after the word condition the word of must be put in, p. 61. l. 33. Aucupare r. aucupari. Several other faults about the stops left to be corrected by the reader.