The certainty of Christianity without popery, or, Whether the Catholick-Protestant or the papist have the surer faith being an answer to one of the oft canted questions and challenges of the papists, sent to one who desired this : published to direct the unskilful, how to defend their faith against papists and infidels, but especially against the temptations of the Devil, that by saving their faith, they may save their holiness, their comfort and their souls
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.
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THe Papists Question to which an Answer was challenged.

  • CHAP. I.
    Of the Quality of this Question and Challenge. p. 1.
  • CHAP. II.
    The Explication of some Terms in it. A Scheme of Divine Revelations. What matter of Fact is? Of several senses and sorts of Certainty: of Principles: Media: Determinations: Unity of Faith. p. 5.
  • CHAP. III.
    The briefest and summary Answer to the Confu∣sed Question. p. 13.
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    CHAP. IV.
    The many Questions confounded in his one. Quest. 1. What are the Revelations of God in controversie. p. 22.
  • CHAP. V.
    Quest. II. Whether the Papists grant all Divine Revelations to be true. p. 25.
  • CHAP. VI.
    Quest. III. What Certainty we have what is a real Revelation of God? Where the Nature and Conditions of Objective and Subjective, Sensible and Intelligible Certainty are opened? p. 30.
  • CHAP. VII.
    Quest. IV. What Certainty have we of the Co∣pies. p. 43.
    Quest. V. What Certainty have we of the Canoni∣cal Book. p. 45.
  • CHAP. IX.
    Quest. VI. What Certainty have we of the truth of Translations p. 48.
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    CHAP. X.
    Quest. VII. What Certainty have we of the true sense of the Text. p. 51.
  • CHAP. XI.
    Quest. VIII. What Vnity of Faith may be ex∣pected to be conserved, by these Certainties. p. 54.
  • CHAP. XII.
    Quest. IX. What Determination is necessary to this Certainty and Vnity. p. 57.
    What the Papists ascertaining Medium or Deter∣mination is, and why we cannot trust our souls on it: Where are fourty Reasons briefly named, for the use of them that seek for Truth, proving not only the utter uncertainty, but the notorious fal∣shood of this Determination which is cried up as the only proof of Certain faith. (But I doubt not but many Papists that fear God indeed, do practi∣cally build their faith on better ground, however this be cried up by Disputers). p. 60.