A posing question, put by the wise man, viz. Solomon, to the wisest men concerning making a judgment of the temporal conditions : wherein you have the ignorance of man (in knowing, what is good, or evil, for man in this life) discovered, together, with the mistakes that flow from it : and the great question resolved, viz. whether the knowledg of, what is good for a man in this life, be so hid from man, that no man can attain it
Baxter, Benjamin, Preacher of the Gospel., Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.

2. Distinction;

  • There is Bonum
    • Jucundum, good pleasing.
    • Vtile, good profitable.

1. There is a Pleasing good, that pleaseth our Na∣tures, and delights our Senses.

2. There is a Profitable good; And we must know this, that things may be pleasingly good, that are not profitably good. Things may be toothsome, that are not wholesome. A man in the Fit of an Ague, knows, Drinking much would be a pleasing good to him, when the Physitian knows, it would Page  6 not be a profitable good and so denyeth it.

Now the proposition is to be understood of the latter, not of the former. Every man knoweth what is a pleasing good. He knoweth, (as it is said of Issachar) Rest is good, and Health is good; but he knows not what is a profitable good for man.